Friday Favorites

You know it’s Friday when you just want to stay in bed and listen to the rain. Oh wait, I want to do that every day!

Last night my husband surprised me with a Guardians of the Galaxy date – and so all I can think about this morning is Groot and his twinkly lights. You all know I love Vin Diesel, so I’ve been waiting to see this movie for months. Anyway, Friday Favorite #1? Groot.

Guardians in the Galaxy Groot header 570x294    Friday Favorites

Some other favorites are my latest designs for My New Favorite Design. Each of these designs is so different – and so awesome! Click here to see all of them.

Post Portfolio Template 300x300    Friday Favorites

Post Portfolio Template1 1 300x300    Friday Favorites

Post Portfolio Template1 300x300    Friday Favorites

Post Portfolio Template 1 300x300    Friday Favorites

Something else I am loving right now? Latin. I was a Latin teacher for 4 years after college – and have tutored a lot since then. Yesterday’s lunch looked something like this:

friday favorites    Friday Favorites

Friday Favorite #4? My Fitbit. This thing still makes me happy. It’s main purpose right now is reminding me of how much I’m not moving. But, I still log my food and my steps are increasing daily. Love love love!

fit bit zip    Friday Favorites

Lastly? I am loving these Bible Readings by She Reads Truth. It’s so wonderful in every way.

oyb 3b    Friday Favorites

What are some of your Friday favorites?

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