The State of the Blog Address (and where it’s going…)

state of the blog

Recently I saw a blog do a “State of the Blog Address” and I thought it was brilliant. I have recently been thinking a lot about where this blog is going – so I am stealing the idea and presenting my own State of the Blog.

As you know, I want this blog to primarily a fun resource of new ideas and tips. And recently, it has been full of guest posts (which I still love), menu plans, and giveaways – that I have lost sight of what I want this site to be. I want this site to be a joy to read, not another “oh there is another sponsored post” thing on your Bloglovin real. So, there are going to be a lot of content changes happening around here.

One | I am no longer offering paid sponsorship options.  I have never had a ton of sponsors, and it has been a lot of work to keep up a sponsorship page and promote it.  I will continue to offer free sponsor spots – which will be available on the new Join Page (read below for more about this).  I have loved connecting with sponsors this far – but will also enjoy taking a break from this area of blogging.  For all you readers, this means no more guest posts – and far fewer sponsor and giveaway posts.

Two | I will only post 3 days a week.  In the past, I have posted 4-5 days a week, which has led to several “this is what I am eating” posts – which aren’t that exciting.  I don’t want to post for the sake of posting.  I want to post quality content.  So, if you receive posts by newsletter, you will now receive 3 posts a week – with much more specific content.

Three | I will rotate 4 different new “series”.  Instead of posting whatever is on my brain in that moment (which is always unpredictable), I am going to start 4 on-going PREDICTABLE series.  They won’t be that different – but just give me nice structure for my posts.  You can now count on these new series:

  1. Tip of the Week
  2. Let’s Blog (weekly blog & design ideas)
  3. I’m Not a Beauty Blogger (my easy life, fashion & beauty tips)
  4. Coffee Date (crazy, new & interesting thoughts…)

Four | I want this blog to be for you.  If you don’t feel part of this blog, I am failing.  And if find yourself repeatedly ignoring posts – or unsubscribing – I want to know why!  I am surprised daily that anyone reads my ramblings.  And, because you do, I want to offer you one place to go for all the updates.  I am starting a new Join page (you can see it now live on the menu!).  This page has it all: 2 newsletter subscription options, free sponsorship options, and a place to ask any question you want – enjoy!

I hope this doesn’t disrupt anyone’s world – and I hope you join me for the future Modern Commonplace Book!

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