Five Ways to Prime your Blog for Social Media


Hello!  Remember me?  Yes, I actually own this blog – just sometimes I go completely AWOL.  No worries, we are all friends :).  I have actually been on this site a lot working – I just haven’t written any new posts.  Things are about to change, though.  I have been working really hard to prime my blog for Social Media, and in doing so, have gotten SO EXCITED about this blog again.  It’s about time.   The thing about blogs is that blogging is a job.  It’s a GREAT job.  And you might not get paid.  But, it’s still a job :).  And, even if you love it with your whole heart, it’s still there – waiting to be worked on.     That’s how I’ve been viewing my blog in the past few months.  I’ve been behind the scenes, loving this site and giving it some care and attention.  [Continue Reading]


Friday Favorites

little black dress jewelry

It’s been awhile since I’ve written a Friday Favorites post! (You can see all of my Favorite Things posts here.) This week I have a list of random things that I love – enjoy! 1. I bought this Little Black Dress Jewelry Hanger this week and LOVE it. About three years ago our house was broken into and the thief just took my entire jewelry box and all it’s contents. Yeah, it was pretty tragic. I have slowly been re-building my jewelry collection, but hadn’t figured out a new jewelry system yet. This keeps all my jewelry in my closet (which I love for security purposes), and all in place. I can also see everything with one glance so I don’t miss my favorite pieces. It’s HUGE, and is exactly what I needed. I love it so much! 2. I made this Mediterranean Pasta last night and it was AMAZING. [Continue Reading]


16 Favorite Home And Beauty Products Under $20

home and beauty products

I have a funny New Year’s tradition. I don’t do this on purpose, but every year I find myself placing a really FUN order on Amazon around the middle of January. I find myself holding off on little purchases throughout the year, and then something happens in January that causes me to blow one big order. Maybe it’s Christmas money talking, or maybe it’s a need for change in the New Year, but every January I splurge on a big order of home and beauty products from Amazon to spice up my New Years. I don’t plan on it – and this was year was the first time I realized that it’s really a “thing” in my life :). But it is. So, I’ve decided to share with you my 16 favorite home and beauty products that have helped my beauty routine, my home organization – and my need for [Continue Reading]


Let’s follow each other on Pinterest, please?


I was reading The Bearfoot Baker yesterday, and was struck by her latest simple post here about being Pinterest friends. Simple, right? So, let’s do it! We are all wanting more things to pin anyway, so will you be my Pinterest friend? I also have an awesome community board called the “Blog Community Most Repinned” board.  A board can have multiple contributors (by invite only) and there are super benefits.  One, you will gain a follower every time someone follows the board on another contributor’s page.  Two, this exponentially increases your number of re-pins.  Three, other contributors will be sharing your pins on their sites.  You can see what I wrote about it here and follow it here.  To join, please follow the board and contact me for an invitation. Follow Ginny | A Modern Commonplace Book’s board Blog Community Most Repinned on Pinterest. I find that more than anything – I love [Continue Reading]


It’s Here! Welcome to The Design Consortium!


It’s here! I am so excited to present my new website and blog design business, The Design Consortium! This web design business is unlike any design company out there. This idea came to me when I wanted one simple place to customize my blog. I don’t want to go to several places to cover all my bases. Instead, I wanted a virtual assistant, graphic design whiz, and full design and consultation services all in one place. So, that is what The Design Consortium is. There are a few ways that The Design Consortium is different. One, we offer a custom “design your own” option for your site. You tell us everything you need (starting from the basic “I just want to start a blog and don’t know where to start!”) and we custom build you exactly what you want. From support – to the design – to the framework. We [Continue Reading]


My favorite low-calorie restaurant tips


Some days I don’t have a ton of time to write out a long post, so I have decided to just to throw some tips randomly up here on the blog to share the things I love! Today I just wanted to share some of my favorite restaurant tips. What most people don’t know about a restaurant, is that they hide calories. Normally, at home, if you make a salad, you are sure that it is a healthier option that if you ate a hamburger. But, at a restaurant, all bets are off. At The Cheesecake Factory, their Caesar Salad with Chicken is 1510 calories! That’s my daily calorie intake. (Tip #1, be wary of the Cheesecake Factory :). And if you do, make sure you read this and this first :).) Eat This Not That! is one of my favorite sites ever – sometimes I go on just to [Continue Reading]


Maria Menounos’s Rules for Eating (with free printable)


I can’t hide that I love Maria Menounos. I am reading her two books now (EveryGirl’s Guide to Life and EveryGirl’s Guide to Diet and Fitness) and what I love is that she is super down to earth. For a girl that has got it all together, she is really a normal girl. via I love that even though she is famous with a huge following, she started small in a basement struggling to make a life for herself. She now has a banging body, but lost 40 pounds along the way, finding the best way to eat and exercise. And, for all of us who always say, “I don’t have any time”, this girl really doesn’t have time! She balances so many jobs and yet still finds a way to eat healthy and be practical. via I love her book EveryGirl’s Guide to Life almost more than her newer [Continue Reading]


Friday Favorites (books, blogs, blessings)


It’s been awhile since I’ve written a Friday Favorites post! I am so excited to be back in the “these things are so cool!” game! This week has been a week of me catching up on life. Last week my husband and I went on a cruise (BEST THING EVER) to celebrate our 5th Anniversary (BEST THING EVER) and this week it’s back to the grind. Oh well. It’s ok because I really love my grind. Here are some things that I am loving right now :).   No one is more excited than I that Gilmore Girls has come to Netflix.  I sometimes watch things in the background while I work, and oh my goodness.  I love this show. Have you discovered The Sugar Box?  i.e. one of the most hilarious blogs on the market?  You need to read her.  She loves celebrities, desserts, and makes celebrity dessert boxes [Continue Reading]


It’s been awhile since we’ve had coffee…

Hey friends, It’s me. Your long-lost blogger friend whose trying to put a few words together this night :). I’ve been so busy lately – and sick for weeks – that this blog has really suffered. Sure, I’ve updated with a few announcements and all, but I’m still feeling like I haven’t actually hung out with you. Right now I am finishing up some web design work and watching Notting Hill. Yes, still one of the best movies ever made. I’m drinking hot water (a Maria Menounos resolution of mine), wearing sweats, and letting a face mask dry. It’s a good night. It was sort of sweet actually – I mean, I know she’s an actress and all that, so she can deliver a line – but she said that she might be as famous as can be – but also… that she was just a girl, standing in front [Continue Reading]