Have Yourself a Very Merry Christmas!


To all my friends and readers, Merry Christmas!  I am blessed to have you – and this blog – in my life :).  I hope you have a joyous Christmas with family, joy, warmth, good food – and most of all – a love of Jesus coming to earth for each of us :).  I will be off the web for this week – and look forward to starting strong with you in 2015! Much love, Ginny image found here

Everyone Should Get This Toothbrush for Christmas


So, this post is in no way a paid post – or anything official. It’s just me in love with a toothbrush. If you think toothbrushes are too unromantic for a blog post, you are welcome to skip. But, to tell the truth, I have never been more excited by a product than I have by this toothbrush. Well, that might be a lie. But, I am definitely not afraid to write a whole blog post about a toothbrush. To give you a little backstory, I am an obsessive tooth-brusher. I brush my teeth maybe 5-6 times a day. All of my roommates (and husband) can attest to this – I love to brush my teeth. (I also have never had a cavity – so maybe it pays off). But the reason I brush my teeth so much is that I always feel like my teeth aren’t clean enough. There [Continue Reading]

Why I am not Buying Another Life Planner This Year

Plum Paper Collage

(Before you read this post, check out my new favorites over under “My Newest Thing!”) I just wanted to write a little follow up on my 2014 Life Planner that I bought last year.  Remember it?  This gorgeous Plum Paper Planner?  (You can read all about my purchase here.)  I really loved (and still love) this planner.  But, I have decided not to buy another Life Planner this year.  In fact, I might never buy another one again.  In case you wanted an honest look at Life Planners in general, here are my reasons: 1.  I did not use this planner to its full potential.  I spent so much time customizing the “work”, “blog”, “home” and all the other sections – and 70% of the time, I just didn’t follow the customizations.  I mean, they were really cool features!  But, I felt like I wasted money on features that I [Continue Reading]

Must Read: New Devotional and Giveaway

Cover HungryForGod

Hello friends! Today I want to introduce you to a good friend of mine – and her awesome new devotional that is out this month! Lori Hatcher (with Be Not Weary) is a mom, Christian and motivational speaker – and blogs her 5 minute devotions for busy women! Her latest devotional Hungry for God is out this month and is such a beautiful book! She let me preview these devotions – and I have been really touched by them! They are short, practical – and touch on issues that we all struggle with (ie. does God have my back?). I love Lori’s way of writing, and feel that any woman would be touched and taught by these on a daily basis. Lori deals with questions like these: God, this is hopeless. Why even bother to pray? I can’t believe she said that to me! Why shouldn’t I respond the same [Continue Reading]

6 Beauty Products Under $7 That Have Changed My Life

6 beauty products

This is the age where beauty products cost hundreds – even thousands of dollars. I’m ok with paying more money if the product is worth it. But so many products aren’t worth all that cash. I have a few staples that cost under $7, and LOVE these items that don’t cost an arm and a leg! Enjoy these little life-changing favorites!   I’ve talked about my little $3.69 face razors here before – love them so much!  Curious about shaving your face?  Read this first! This is the MOST AMAZING nail polish remover.  I hate fighting to get my nail polish off.  And this stuff just comes off in a breeze.  Seriously.  I love this stuff. I swear by this $3.99 top coat.  I’ve gone through 2 bottles – love it!  (Read about my favorite $5.99 at-home gel manicure here!) I use Goody’s little spin pins everyday.  From putting my [Continue Reading]

It’s not beginning to look a lot like Christmas

christmas music and movies 1

Anyone else just NOT feeling the Christmas spirit? I am usually so ready and antsy for December to get here – and yet this year I’m just not ready. We have been traveling and are currently both sick. Our house hasn’t seen a Christmas decoration yet – and I’m just not ready! Anyone else understand? It’s not just that I am so behind. It’s that I can’t “feel” the spirit yet. I haven’t been in a store in ages to see the decorations. I live in a place that feels like summer now (right at about the low 60s) and Christmas presents? Who has even started on those? Well, probably everybody but me. I have decided that I have to force myself to get ready for Christmas. I’ve lost enough time just waiting to feel like it. So, out comes the Christmas music and movies. Usually, by now, I’ve already [Continue Reading]

My Cyber Monday Strategy

Holiday Gift Tracking

This is a re-post of one of my favorite posts! Enjoy these strategies – while you are drinking coffee in the comfort of your own home :). Here’s to not hitting the crazy stores! (Oh, and if you have a small business, please leave your details and URL in a comment! I want to stalk your shop!) Well, I confess, I am not a Black Friday shopper.  That whole idea does not appeal to me at all – and it kinda just makes me want to avoid every store altogether.  But, Cyber Monday?  I can get behind that!  I don’t do wild and crazy shopping, but I do love to get a head start on my Christmas shopping!  I have been compiling my favorite Cyber Monday Strategies for you – hoping that you find some awesome tips and tricks to make this deal day the best! SHOP YOUR CHRISTMAS GIFT [Continue Reading]

Holiday Gift Guide and Giveaway


I am partnering up with Danielle from This Life I Live to bring you all this awesome gift guide and giveaway! Danielle has compiled some AWESOME items for our readers enjoyment and you could win $75 in cash and a Romans Study from Life Lived Beautifully. Enjoy! I love resources, right? So, why don’t you all let me be your holiday shopping guide? I’ve got lots of great ideas for the perfect gifts for the ladies in your life. Everything from the kind of weird scent lover (like myself), to busy moms, and foodies. Here are my recommendations for all of you shoppers out there…plus a fun giveaway with some friends at the end! For the Moms Treasuring Christ When Your Hands are Full/ Honest Company Bundles/Happy Mommy Box Gloria Furman’s books are honest, but oh-so-Gospel-centered. This book would encourage any mom in their journey! The Honest Company is all [Continue Reading]

New Things


I am sorry that I have been absent – but I am pretty sure you all did just fine without me! I just wanted to stop in for a brief moment to share with you some new things that are happening around here! As you can tell, this site got a facelift! It’s about time – I’ve been itching to add more white space :). I am loving the simplicity of this site – and hopefully it will inspire me to greater things over here. Not much has actually changed about the site. I removed the free advertising space from here on out – sorry blog friends! I am also not offering a comment form for people to use. Instead, please just email me and I will get back to you :). The new idea I had for this site was to create a “My Newest Thing” page that you [Continue Reading]