The “No Plan” Vegetarian Menu Plan Week 20 – and a goodbye!

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This is it, folks.  The end of the “No Plan” Menu Plan.  Jess and I have loved every minute of it – and can’t believe we’ve shared 20 weeks of over 100 recipes!  If you are wondering why we rotate so many recipes – the reason is that we eat a limited number of recipes.  These have all been our favorites – and our fast and cheap repertoire doesn’t include millions of recipes.

This week is a tribute to vegetables – and all of our recipes are meatless as part of a vegetarian menu plan.  Of course you can add meat – but each has protein and nutrients enough!  We love all of these.  And, even though neither of us is vegetarian, we love these recipes!

As a final goodbye, we’d love each of you to tell us your favorite part of the menu plan – and whether you are going to keep any of these recipes up!


no plan menu plan vegetarian menu plan


Menu planning service no plan menu plan

  1. Each week will include a maximum of 20 ingredients. That’s right. You will receive a grocery list of no more than 20 ingredients. This provides you with a budget-friendly grocery list, no matter where you shop.
  2. The plan only includes 5 dinner recipes. This allows you the flexibility to mix and match them according to your schedule. They are not assigned to days of the week.
  3. Each recipe will be categorized by one of 4 cook times. It will either be a 10 minute recipe, 30 minute recipe, hour recipe, or slow cooker recipe. You choose according to how much time you have.
  4. Each recipe will include 3 complete food groups: protein, grain and vegetable. Healthy – without counting calories.
  5. Each recipe will be for 2 servings - aimed at young couples who need a fast dinner option. Families can multiply the ingredients.
  6. Each week will give you the instructions for 1 Prep Day. By prepping a few ingredients the weekend before, your cook time each day will be drastically shortened.

A few notes:

  • Many recipes include substitutions for the kinds of meat used (and many include the option to be meatless).
  • Many recipes will show the optional ingredients. You can adjust according to your taste.
  • Each week, menu plans will be posted on Thursday, giving you Friday and the weekend for shopping + your Prep Day.
  • Each week will be self-contained with full recipes included. You just need to print one page, and use it all week.
  • Each week will include multiple time-saving tips – to help you in the long-run.
  • The Menu Plan will be a PDF – not a Google Drive document
  • It will be two pages (that can be printed on two sides of one page). The second page has your grocery list, prep day recipes, and food key.
  • It will include one extra “Bonus” recipe a week (either a dessert, snack or lunch item).
  • It will include a “Food Key” that marks the recipes that are Low Carb (LC), Low Calories (CAL), Meatless (V), and Paleo (P).




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