{Not} Keeping up with the Joneses – 31 Days of no “things”

I watched a really interesting movie the other day: The Joneses. You can watch it free on Hulu here. Anyway, the premise reminded me of a prominent Blogger syndrome: “Buy My Life Syndrome”. Have you seen it? We think our lives are so worth having, that we think everyone should buy our lives.

Well, I don’t think we are that narcissistic – but watching that movie made me question whether we really are. Do we feel like we have the keys to the most perfect life (at just $9.99!)?

thejoneses    {Not} Keeping up with the Joneses   31 Days of no things

Because I am feeling like escaping from this “buy my life” mentality, I am embarking on a month of “no things”. What I mean is, none of my posts will be about things that cost money. I might share tips, moments of encouragement, freebies, and resourceful tricks – but I will avoid anything that costs money. And, of course, will avoid all affiliate links.

Sounds like a deal?

And, to push myself even further, I am going to join the blogger movement “31 Days”. This is basically just a writing challenge to blog for 31 days in October. Honestly, I don’t know if I will make it all 31 days. But, a girl can dream!

So, starting tomorrow I am embarking on 31 days of “Not Keeping up with the Joneses”. Who’s with me?

31 days of not keeping up with the joneses1    {Not} Keeping up with the Joneses   31 Days of no things

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what white girls do during the fall

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fade photo to white picmonkey

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How to Fold a Fitted Sheet and Flat Sheet Together {video}

how to fold a fitted sheet and flat sheet together

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working from home

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