An Honest Review About Beauty Counter Products

EmailFacebook8Pinterest73Google+0TwitterPrint81I had the awesome privilege of testing out Beauty Counter products a couple weeks ago! I am sure you have heard about Beauty Counter – the new beauty company that offers safe beauty products in gorgeous packaging. Well, maybe thats just how I used to see Beauty Counter. They are […]

My gift to you: A Mary Kay Satin Hands giveaway

EmailFacebook9Pinterest86Google+1TwitterPrint96Hello friends! I haven’t done a giveaway in a LONG time, because I have been scaling back on the number of sponsor-like posts I run on this blog. But, I realized lately that I haven’t thanked you lately for being a reader! I LOVE that readership that exists here, and […]

6 Beauty Products Under $7 That Have Changed My Life

EmailFacebook4Pinterest15Google+0TwitterPrint19This is the age where beauty products cost hundreds – even thousands of dollars. I’m ok with paying more money if the product is worth it. But so many products aren’t worth all that cash. I have a few staples that cost under $7, and LOVE these items that don’t […]

The History of my Eyebrows (how to shape your own eyebrows)

EmailFacebook8Pinterest198Google+1TwitterPrint207The history of my eyebrows goes like this: 1983 – eyebrows born 1997 – eyebrows prove they are big and bushy 1997 – eyebrows get whacked (er…plucked) 2008 – eyebrows have been plucked every day for 11 years.  That’s 4015 days. 2010 – eyebrows get a complete makeover and become […]

Five Reasons to use a Boar Bristle Hair Brush

EmailFacebook0Pinterest18Google+0TwitterPrint18I remember being a religious Goody hair brush buyer – especially the round kind with hard plastic bristles.  I believed for years that round brushes would give me curls – and bought one year after year.  About 3 1/2 years ago, I became aware of the “boar bristle” hair brush […]

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