Instructions to Remove Poop from Baby Clothes (that will change your life)

Instructions to Remove Poop from Baby Clothes (that will change your life)

NO ONE tells you how hard it is too clean poop off of clothes. I thought I just needed that Dreft spray (which does nothing btw) and all would be fine. Um NO. Within the first week I had a pile of clothes that were SO DIRTY and I almost just threw them away I was so frustrated. Luckily, my mother and grandmother were in town and helped me find a PERFECT solution.

There are so many systems for doing this – creating a paste, letting air in the sun…I don’t have time for any of that.

This WORKS every time. I don’t have any clothes that have stains on them because of this. Enjoy!

What you need to remove poop from baby clothes:

A Cheap Bucket (Dollar Store)
OxiClean Max Force Laundry Stain Remover Spray (I get two bottles here)
Biz Stain and Odor Eliminator Detergent – LIQUID (here – lasts a long time)


  • When something gets stained, spray the OxiClean on the stain
  • Put the clothes (already sprayed) into the bucket
  • Add a little bit of the Biz into the bucket. I usually fill the cap to the first line.
  • Add water above the level of clothes to soak over 24 hours.

I leave it by the washing machine and just keep adding clothes to the bucket whenever there are new stained clothes. Then, whenever I do laundry, just dump the bucket contents and soaking Biz water into the machine, add your other laundry and wash as normal (adding regular detergent etc)! ALL CLEAN.

I’ve left clothes in there soaking for a week. As long as the water level is high all is fine.  I have found that the clothes need to soak at least for 24 hours.

Stains I have been able to get out:

– Stains that were washed and dried.  If the stains were not removed, I just soaked them again and got them out the second time!

– Stains that had soaked into the clothes for SIX days (from vacation). While on vacation, I carried the spray with me and pre-treated the clothes. Then, when we got home six days later, I soaked them for 48 hours and washed. The stains were gone!

– Stains that did not remove the first time. I repeated this whole process and they were removed.


Instructions to Remove Poop from Baby Clothes (that will change your life)

Top 10 Baby Must Haves (1-3 Months)

Here are my top 10 baby must haves for Months 1-3 - things I can't live without. - A Modern Commonplace Book

I’m back! I have had an inkling lately to post again on this blog, and I’m so excited to have some fun things to share. My biggest news is that I recently had a little daughter! We are loving this new stage as parents. I had a great pregnancy and delivery, and am excited to share some of our favorite must-have products for a new baby.

I’m slightly addicted to “must have” videos on YouTube – from pregnancy – to newborn and infant. And, while no two babies are alike, there are a lot of universal necessary items that babies need. For instance, diapers. Haha. I didn’t include a lot of obvious items on this list. But, I’m definitely excited to share the items that I can’t live without.

Please make sure to share this post and comment below with all your favorite baby must have items!

1. Basic White Gerber Burp Cloths – When I registered for my baby, I registered for two packs of pretty burp cloths. But, I quickly found out that I needed multiple packs of thick burp cloths. Who cares if they are pretty? They are just going to get stained. I have since bought upwards of 6 packs of these. If you think 30 burp cloths is too many, then feel free to come do my laundry! So yes, we go through 2-4 cloths a day – and I have a steady supply. These are super thick and are perfect for whatever comes up (literally!).

2. Eucerin Aquaphor Baby Healing Ointment – My baby is super adorable, but she doesn’t have a neck. Haha. She has deep rolls between her sweet head and shoulders – which get rubbed red and raw. I try to clean her neck regularly, but worry about how red it gets! So, I found this lotion and apply it daily. It has done wonders! The redness has gone down, and it her neck no longer is rubbed raw. This is also awesome for diaper rash.

3. Manhattan Toy Wimmer-Ferguson Double Sided 3-in-1 Triangle Play and Pat Activity Mat – This is the one toy my baby loves! From about 1 ½ months, she has loved this mat. It fascinates her! Newborns see and love contrasts – so she will look at this for hours. Its perfect for hanging in her crib, by her changing tables, on her chair, and I can also lay it and prop it on her play mat. If you only get one toy, this is awesome!

4. BRICA Fold N’ Go Travel Bassinet – If you are going to travel with a newborn, you might not want to carry a whole Pack N Play with you. This is an inexpensive awesome solution that is perfect to lay on the ground or on a bed. We traveled with her at 3 weeks and she slept in this perfectly. We also love taking this when we go to friends’ houses in town.

5. Gerber Baby 2 Pack Zip Front Sleep ‘N Play – Another thing you go through A LOT with a new baby? Sleepers. Sometimes we go through 3 a night. At first, I thought 4-6 sleepers would be enough. That’s a joke! And, when you need upwards of 10 sleepers, who wants to spend a lot of money? I’ve bought so many of these – and they are perfect! They average about 2 for $10, and are perfect for night and daytime.

6. Carter’s 2-pk. Swaddle Blankets – When I had my baby, the most talked-about swaddling blankets were the Aden and Anais blankets. They are everywhere! I have a pack of those and I do love them. But, I found that they are really hard to swaddle a baby with. They are huge and thin – which means my they just fell off her as soon as I tried to wrap her up. Instead, I randomly bought a pack of these Carter’s blankets and LOVED them! We had them in the hospital, and they easily stayed put on my baby. I have since bought more packs because they are the perfect weight and size. I really recommend these blankets!

7. HALO SleepSack – If you don’t want to swaddle with a blanket, these velcro swaddlers are perfect! They unzip from the bottom up, so you don’t have to completely unzip them to change the diaper. I loved both the newborn and small sizes for those first few months. They are worth every cent!

8. Snoozy 3 Piece Flannel Waterproof Reversible Changing Pad Liners – I have an entire dresser drawer of these. They lay on top of my changing pad, and are easily removed when there is an accident – which happens a LOT. This is another thing I’ve bought TONS of – at least 3 packs. Again, who wants to do laundry every day?

9. WubbaNub Infant Pacifier – I thought this pacifier was kind of a joke – I mean $14 for a pacifier? And then, I started using one and I know why its so perfect. During those first few months, this was perfect to lay on the cradle mattress while in her mouth. It stabilized the paci, and kept it in her mouth. Now, over 3 months, she is able to grab it and put it back in her mouth. Also, its hard to lose. Such a great invention!

10. Fisher-Price Snugabunny Cradle ‘N Swing – This is the one more expensive item I am including. But, it has truly been a lifesaver. We bought this when she was 3 weeks old, and wish we had bought it sooner. She sleeps in this swing during naps, and usually during the second half of the night. It has prolonged her sleeping by about double. She was taking one hour naps – and then with the swing they grew to 2-3 hours. At night, she will sleep in this for 5-7 hours. I am dreading the day we will wean her off of it :). But, for right now, it is a God-send! (BTW she didn’t love the swing at first. It did take a few days for her to warm up to it. But, now she loves it!) This website about baby sleep is my favorite and strongly advocates using a swing.

Let me know your favorite baby items – I can’t wait to hear what works for you!

Come visit my new blog “My Mama Taught Me!”

Guess what? I have a new blogging adventure! I will still be checking in with this blog every now and then – but I am SO excited about starting a new blog with my cousin – My Mama Taught Me!

I grew up with an amazing mother that taught me all about keeping house, the kitchen, cooking basics, and just important things to know when it comes to the home. I also grew up a block away from my cousin – who basically became a sister to me. We have remained close, and have decided to share all our mamas taught us in a new blog – My Mama Taught Me!

My Mama Taught Me - Follow us for homegrown recipes!

Want to know if you will benefit from this site? Here’s how you know. This blog is perfect for you if…

  • You only have a few cans of black beans in your cupboard.
  • You burn pasta sauce on the stove.
  • Your children are crying in the background and you can barely pull the plates out of the cabinet.
  • You are caring and providing for a family – and are doing it all on your own.
  • You are a new bride and have no idea how to stock a kitchen.
  • Your husband expects a three-course meal every night. Actually, we are still figuring out how to do this. 🙂
  • You are looking for easy ways to clean your house – without adding to your chores.
  • You have no time to cook dinner.

Please, please come join us! Follow us on social media here to laugh at our escapades – and receive our newsletter to stay in touch. We can’t wait to enjoy this ride with you.

Our site goes live on August 1, so make sure to sign up here to get updates by email when we go live!

5 Easy Ways to Eat More Fruits & Vegetables

I have a confession. My go-to snack is cheese. I don’t mean nice homemade snacks that have cheese in them – melted on toast or served with sliced apple. I just mean I grab a bag of slice provolone from the fridge and eat a slice or two. Of course, I also love sandwiches for cheese at lunch – and pasta with cheese at dinner. Basically I just love cheese.

I am sure you now think Im crazy and 300 pounds. Well, I’m not – but I definitely know that this is a bad way to live. And, I know my average frame can’t keep this up for very long. It won’t be average in a couple years :).

Now, I’m not giving up cheese – or dairy. There’s no way that’s happening. But, I am becoming WAY more intentional about adding fruits and vegetables to my diet. I am good about vegetables at dinner – but it’s the 4-5 cups a day part that I’m failing in.

I am also pretty lazy right now. I don’t want to chop up 6 different exotic fruits for an amazing fruit salad. I always have those intentions – and I buy a box of kiwi – and then it often just sits in the fridge. So, I need a solution. Here are my 5 go-to ways to eat more fruits and vegetables every day.

(Make sure you leave a comment and give me more suggestions! I really am loving expanding my diet this way!)

Keep ready-to-grab fruit on the counter

I started keeping a bunch of washed grapes on the counter, and guess what? I just would eat them when I walked by. This is best done for a couple hours at a time so they don’t get too warm. If you work in an office, just keep them on your desk. Turns out, you might just eat them without thinking. These are the best fruits for this:

  • Grapes – washed and in a colander or bowl
  • A bowl of pre-cut fruit – and yes – the cheaters bowl of fruit at the produce section.  Its amazing how quickly I will eat this.
  • A homemade Fruit Salad that you make on the weekends (my favorite is here)
  • Berries – washed and in a bowl

These easy-to-grab fruit are the best – and there is no shame buying them already pre-cut :).

 dole's southwest salad kit - eat more fruits and vegetables


Buy Salad Mixes

Again, this is a cheaters method, and I don’t care.  For some reason I am way more likely to eat a salad if I don’t have to do any work.  My absolute favorite is Dole’s Southwest Salad Kit.  I love the Tex Mex dressing, and it’s perfect to add cherry tomatoes to (again, no work) or pre-cooked chicken.  I buy these every week now and don’t let myself eat anything else until I have a whole plate of salad.  It’s working, y’all!

By the way, my favorite pre-made chicken is Trader Joe’s “Just Chicken”.  It’s in the refrigerated section and is the best pre-cooked white chicken.  I could eat it all day.

Buy Veggie Trays

Veggie trays are way less expensive than fruit trays – and I love them!  (My Kroger has them for $3.99.)  I am now buying the HUGE lets-feed-a-party veggie tray.  I love the already chopped-up broccoli, celery, carrots – and of course the cherry tomatoes.  And, I LOVE the little container of ranch dressing.  I know this is silly to have in your fridge for just one person – but it makes my veggies EASY and I don’t care.

Frozen Fruit is your Friend

I know it’s normal to buy frozen fruit for smoothies.  This is a known fact.  But, I just like to eat frozen fruit straight.  And by frozen fruit, I mean FROZEN MANGO.  I eat so much frozen mango that I am surprised I’m not orange.  I eat it for dessert primarily.  But, also for snacks, breakfast, and even lunch.  I love frozen because it’s the consistency of sorbet.  I’m kind of addicted to frozen mango – and TOTALLY recommend grabbing a bag at your grocery just to try it out.  You can see my favorite smoothie recipe with mango here.

private practice green drinks - eat more fruits and vegetables


Green Drinks

Green Drinks are my favorite way to get in a lot of fruits and vegetables.  I make a very simple green smoothie that doesn’t involve dairy or extra sugar – just greens and fruit.  And it is so good.  You can see my recipe here.  I drink these in spurts – and will have one every day for 6 months – and then stop for awhile.  They are just so good.  If you need to be inspired, watch Private Practice :).  Doctor Addison Montgomery is always drinking a green drink – and it always inspires me lol.

Here are my favorite smoothie tips:

  • Put your bag of spinach straight in the freezer.  It will last forever and make your smoothies cold.  No more old wilted spinach in the fridge.
  • Blend your smoothie with a Magic Bullet or Hand-Held Immersion Blender.  I use the immersion blender and it’s so easy!!  (This doesn’t work with harder frozen fruits.)
  • Add flax seed and other additives to boost your fiber.
  • Always put your liquids in first.  This works better than pouring them on top.
  •  Freeze your bananas in chunks.  This keeps them from going bad – and makes it easy to pop them in a smoothie

photo credit here

Let me know other tips you have for eating more fruits and vegetables!  I’m always willing to try an easy method to make my life easier :).  Ciao!

5 cheater ways to eat more fruits and vegetables - A Modern Commonplace Book

An Honest Review About Beauty Counter Products

I had the awesome privilege of testing out Beauty Counter products a couple weeks ago! I am sure you have heard about Beauty Counter – the new beauty company that offers safe beauty products in gorgeous packaging. Well, maybe thats just how I used to see Beauty Counter. They are making waves for their ban of more than 1,500 ingredients toxic ingredients – and their personalized experience matching the right beauty products for each customer.

I really loved testing out their products, because I have been so intrigued by this company. Beauty manager Nicole Brinson sent me an awesome selection. And let’s be honest, they have gorgeous packaging!

Don’t miss Beauty Counter’s #MAKEUPMONDAY tips! Follow Nicole here and grab their tips and awesome discounts!

Beauty Counter Products I received and tested:

  • Charcoal soap: a wonderful cleansing bar that naturally removed impurities without drying. Perfect for acne-prone skin.
  • Enlightening treatment pads: awesome little power packed pads that brighten skin, even complexion, reduce fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Radiance firming complex: an awesome moisturizer that brightens skin and firms at the same time.
  • Lustro face oil #3: an awesome plant-based oil that naturally detoxifies skins and adds hydration.
  • Essentials PM moisturizer: a very hydrating moisturizer that hydrates without being oily. Coconut oil based and fantastic for oily skin.
  • Body collection shampoo and conditioner: No SLS or added fragrance.
  • Body wash, Lotion and Handcream: body products in their signature “Citrus mimosa” scent, a natural scent from essential oils. All hydrating and healthy for skin without any harsh solvents or ingredients.

BeautyCounter Honest Review by A Modern Commonplace Book

What I thought…

  1.   They are silky smooth, fresh, light and felt so refreshing on my skin.  Remember old drug store products that leave your face tight and dry?  These are so the opposite!  I loved the refreshing feeling – knowing that I was treating my skin right.
  2. Their scents (especially everything citrus) are divine! They are so light and fresh – but so tropical and sunny. Seriously, some of the best scents I have ever smelled in skin products!
  3. The Charcoal Soap was by far my favorite product – and one that I will be buying! My face cleared up, dried out, and I saw results in a week!
  4. Honestly, I didn’t see any results with the other products in just a week. That doesn’t mean they didn’t “work”. It just means a week is a super short period of time to see results. Some might say that feeding your skin with super clean and healthy products are the results themselves. I honestly need to see actual results on my skin to say a product works. But, Beauty Counter has awesome reviews on their website – so there is a long line of women seeing results!
  5. I love these products! They seem rather pricey for me, but they last a LONG time. Also, if you are interested in becoming a salesperson, you get discounts! Make sure to contact Nicole here if you are interested.

Win Your Own

Do you use Beauty Counter? Make sure to leave a comment and let me know your favorite product!

And…We aren’t done! Make sure you enter for a free Rose Neroli Body Oil! This is no longer available for purchase, but is available to you! Nicole is super sweet to offer this to one of A Modern Commonplace Book’s readers – ENJOY!

Please note! This giveaway is only for the US.

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BeautyCounter Honest Review by A Modern Commonplace Book

10 Unusual Items to buy at IKEA (and must-read IKEA tips!)

I am quickly becoming an IKEA connoisseur. I have always loved the store – but lately have perfected my IKEA game :). Our IKEA is over an hour away in another state, so when we go, it’s necessary that we go smart and savvy. As everyone knows, IKEA is a a mecca for awesome European home goods at super reasonable prices. The problem is that, most often, a trip to IKEA always costs hundreds of dollars more than expected. Or, is that just me? Whoops.

I have scoured the internet for tips of “must buys”, and I feel that blog posts in this regard are lacking. I mean, I know about the furniture, polished kitchen organization, and dishes and cribs. What about the rest? There must be small things tucked away that I would miss on a normal walk-through of the store.

So, the last time my husband and I went to IKEA, we purposefully walked every aisle. EVERY AISLE. If you know IKEA, you know this is a lot! Our needs right now our limited, so there were a lot of things we walked right past. But, we did intentionally consider everything. Do we need to re-do how we organize our kitchen? Do we need a clock in our bathroom? When was the last time we bought towels? We pretty much touched every room in our house, and it was pretty glorious. Anyway, I say this because hopefully my experience will help some of you! Before I dive into my favorite furniture items, here are my top IKEA tips :).

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Sign up for an IKEA family membership.

This is free, and acts like a grocery VIP membership. You get access to the month’s family membership prices. You also get cool things like free tea & coffee at all times in the cafe and extra time for your kids in their play area.

They make this membership really easy. You can sign up at home, and then print off a membership card in the front of the store. You can also sign up in the store, but there is often a line so it takes some time. If you forget you membership card, there is a phone number in the checkout line where you can text and receive your membership number by text. Then you can just give it at the register. Brilliant.

Sign up for a moving coupon.

Plan on spending more than $250? Grab this coupon and get a discount and more moving bonuses!

IKEA moving coupon

Make a Shopping List before you go.

This is key to stay sane while in the store. Check out their awesome website the days before your trip, and add anything that interests you to a shopping list. I add more than I plan on buying, just so I don’t miss anything! Then, select your preferred store for your account. When you print off the pdf, you can select that the list be organized in order of location in the store. This means, it will tell you the aisle and bin for your own specific store. This makes it SO EASY when you are shopping. And you won’t miss anything. Here’s an example of a shopping list PDF for the store in Charlotte, NC.
IKEA tips and shopping list

Be practical.

Wear comfortable shoes. Eat frequently. Know your budget. Wear a pedometer :). Have FUN!



I love all the obvious things to buy at IKEA, but what about the things hidden you don’t know about? Here are my favorite!

IKEA umbrella

1. KNALLA Umbrella.

This umbrella is awesome! I have one in my car at all times and love it. And, it’s $2.99 (family price). Note, this is in the travel section near the cafe + kids (at least in my store).

IKEA slippers

2. NJUTA Slippers

I go through slippers like it’s my job. I like to replace them frequently, so these are perfect! They are only $1.99 (family price) and feel great. We have multiple pairs – including keeping one in our suitcases just for travel. They are in the travel section as well.

IKEA bandages

3. TRYGGHET Bandages

I love that IKEA has band-aids! They are SUPER cheap at $0.79 a package (family price) and are really good bandages! For me, they stay on over a week through multiple showers. They come in several patterns and colors. They are in the travel section, so easy to miss.:)

IKEA picture hook set

4. FIXA picture hook set

IKEA has tons of sets like these – a picture hook set, tool set, cable management set, screw sets, etc. We have several and they are perfect for little house projects. This set is only $4.99 and is in the picture frame section of the store.

IKEA sponges

5. SVAMPIG Sponges.

These sponges are a fabulous deal at 3 for $0.99! I bought several packages and have been pleased. To be honest, they aren’t my favorite sponges – the white sponge is a little felt-like? But, they work great and I love how cheap they are! Worth trying. These are in the kitchen section.

IKEA plastic bags

6. ISTAD Plastic Bags

These are my FAVORITE food storage bags! They come in six sizes (these purple ones are the 1 qt. and 3 qt. sizes). They also have 13 oz, 34 oz (green bags) and 6 qt. 4.5 qt. (blue bags). Each set is $2.99, and you get either 30, 50, or 60 bags, depending on the set. I honestly only want to use these for the rest of my life – they are amazing!

IKEA laptop support

7. BRADA Laptop Support

This lap desk has changed my life. I bought it for car use (I work a lot in the car!) but now use it all over the house. It is SUPER comfortable, keeps my laptop from overheating, and is the perfect angle. I love it even on my desk, because my wrists can rest at a comfortable angle, instead of being flat. It is $4.99 and is in the table section (top level), if I remember correctly. 🙂

IKEA gift wrap

8. Gift Wrap

IKEA has awesome gift wrap, ribbons, tags, and decorative boxes. I stock up every time I go! This gift wrap is $2.99/roll, but they often have discounts. All their sets are so gorgeous, and helps me out being creative :).

IKEA candles

9. SINNLIG Candles

I am kinda a Yankee Candle snob. But, these IKEA candles are quickly becoming my favorite! They come in multiple sizes and amazing scents. And, they start at $1.79. I really love them and might completely switch from Yankee. I mean, these are awesome.

IKEA bathroom set

10. DRAGAN 2-piece bathroom set

This doesn’t really fall into my category of unusual items, but I am ending on one of my favorite IKEA things ever. I just bought this, and it’s so perfect for any bathroom. It really has 4 parts – two boxes and two tops, and is perfect for holding everything! They are so classy, simple, and uniform looking. I really love this set. Well done, IKEA.

10 Unusual Items to buy at IKEA (and must-read IKEA tips!)

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All links to IKEA are for the US Store.

Must Read IKEA tips and 10 unusual items you've never heard of!

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