Come visit my new blog “My Mama Taught Me!”

EmailFacebook1Pinterest6Google+1TwitterPrint8Guess what? I have a new blogging adventure! I will still be checking in with this blog every now and then – but I am SO excited about starting a new blog with my cousin – My Mama Taught Me! I grew up with an amazing mother that taught me […]

How to trade services for free business advice

EmailFacebook5Pinterest201Google+1TwitterPrint207I have a problem. I can’t stop re-creating this site! I have known for awhile that this blog was in desperate need of some organization. I am such a design tinkerer, that the more I tinkered, the more I lost sight of the point. It is so easy to forget […]

5 Ways to Prime your Blog for Social Media

EmailFacebook1Pinterest41Google+1TwitterPrint43Remember me? Yes, I actually own this blog! Apparently though, I sometimes go completely AWOL. No worries, we are all friends :). I have actually been on A Modern Commonplace Book a lot working – I just haven’t written any new posts. Things are about to change, though. I have […]

Ten Picmonkey Tips for a Killer Blog Graphic

EmailFacebook0Pinterest312Google+27TwitterPrint339As part of my new “Let’s Blog” series, I have gotten a few emails about blog graphics.  In a world with Pinterest, we all know the importance of creating killer blog graphics.  And, I am here to tell you that you don’t need to Photoshop! I love using Adobe Photoshop […]

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