Orange Julius Breakfast Smoothie #madewithchobani

EmailFacebook6Pinterest214Google+0TwitterPrint220I was so excited to hear about Chobani’s #madewithchobani challenge! I couldn’t wait to make my own #madewithchobani recipe – and urge you to make one and share one too :). Of all the brands out there, Chobani is the one that is in my fridge 100% of the time. […]

Homemade Pizza in less than 30 minutes

EmailFacebook8Pinterest43Google+0TwitterPrint51 This is a recipe I pretty much make weekly. It is the most flavorful pizza crust + pizza – but doesn’t take hours to make. The crust itself is a light yeasty crust that gets really soft. It doesn’t require any extra time to rise – and I can […]

My Daily High Protein Smoothie

EmailFacebook5Pinterest99Google+2TwitterPrint106I have tried drinking smoothies on and off for years. I’ve done the green smoothie thing (here’s my fave recipe) and have another favorite strawberry smoothie that tastes like a milkshake. But, I’ve always wanted to be that girl that drinks a healthy, yummy, daily smoothie. Every day.   And […]

Easy Shredded Chicken For the Week

EmailFacebook9Pinterest36Google+0TwitterPrint45When I was a newlywed five years ago (!) I was struggling with easy, fast dinner recipes. I work full time and I run out of ideas (and energy) to make a meal 7 days a week. I posted a quick “please give me your favorite recipes!” post on Facebook, […]

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