Top 10 Baby Must Haves (1-3 Months)

EmailFacebook1Pinterest6Google+0TwitterPrint7 I’m back! I have had an inkling lately to post again on this blog, and I’m so excited to have some fun things to share. My biggest news is that I recently had a little daughter! We are loving this new stage as parents. I had a great pregnancy […]

10 Unusual Items to buy at IKEA (and must-read IKEA tips!)

EmailFacebook18Pinterest5.3kGoogle+1TwitterPrint5.3kI am quickly becoming an IKEA connoisseur. I have always loved the store – but lately have perfected my IKEA game :). Our IKEA is over an hour away in another state, so when we go, it’s necessary that we go smart and savvy. As everyone knows, IKEA is a […]

Frozen Mint Oreos (Ginny’s Everyday Tip #1)

EmailFacebook6Pinterest6Google+0TwitterPrint12I have decided to try adding random tips to a new series: Ginny’s Everyday Tips.  This way I can keep organize and serialize all the random nuggets of wisdom swirling around in my head :). I have spent some time lately trying to make everything accessible and find-able on this blog.  Please let […]

My favorite low-calorie restaurant tips

EmailFacebook3Pinterest17Google+0TwitterPrint20Some days I don’t have a ton of time to write out a long post, so I have decided to just to throw some tips randomly up here on the blog to share the things I love! Today I just wanted to share some of my favorite restaurant tips. What […]

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