What is this I hear about a Capsule Wardrobe?

EmailFacebook13Pinterest7Google+0TwitterPrint20I think the phrase “Capsule Wardrobe” is very new…but the idea is old. The idea is to have a handful of clothing items that act as staples to mix and match – instead of the dozens of often unnecessary pieces that we accumulate. I don’t know if I am creating […]

Real Life Fashion: The Little Black Dress

EmailFacebook6Pinterest0Google+0TwitterPrint6Remember our awesome new series called Real Life Fashion?  This is what’s going down. Each episode will feature: One store (Target, Forever 21, Old Navy…etc.) One outfit under $100 Both Misses and Plus-Size fits Wardrobe Basics A few trendy accessories Jess and I are both going to try on the […]

Introducing the “Real Life Fashion” Series

EmailFacebook2Pinterest0Google+0TwitterPrint2So Jess and I have really missed each other. We used to talk every week – and then the “No Plan” Menu Plan came to a close, and we were left hanging:). So, we decided to create an awesome new series – focused around real-life fashion! We are both frustrated […]

5 Tips to Iron Clothes Without an Iron

EmailFacebook7Pinterest35Google+0TwitterPrint42I iron about once a year.  If that.  Both my husband and I wear items that should be ironed – but we are pretty lazy and have developed some tried and true tips to iron clothes without an iron.  If you have a tip you want to share, make sure […]

Spring Trends on the Cheap

EmailFacebook9Pinterest17Google+0TwitterPrint26I am not one of those bloggers that has a “spring lust” wish where every item is by Kate Spade – and over $100. Honestly, I have very little on even my “I must buy this otherwise I won’t have anything to wear” list, mostly because the money just isn’t […]

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