3 ways to zap a coldI woke up this morning with that dreaded scratchy throat. This might be my fourth cold this spring – really? That’s a lot of colds. Oh well. I immediately put in effect my three-part cold-busting routine. I have found three things that really shorten my colds – and so I definitely need to share them with you. But, they are kind of weird ideas, so promise you won’t judge!

Ok – how to get rid of a cold? My first go-to is a VERY WEIRD solution that I found online years ago.

This is based on the idea that germs are transferred through our ears – and killing the germs on the outset keeps our bodies from being sick. Apparently, this is a hypothesis that was proposed in 1928 by Richard Simmons, M.D., when he proposed that colds and flu virus enter through the ear canal. I don’t know if this is true – but I know this treatment works.hydrogen_peroxide1


As soon as I feel the onset of a cold (you have to do this immediately) I spend 10 minutes soaking my ears with hydrogen peroxide. I tilt my head to one side and fill one ear canal with one capful of hydrogen peroxide. It starts bubbling (which apparently signifies that the peroxide has found some germs? Doctors should start correcting me if this is all wrong!) and when the bubbling stops (or when I am tired of it – which is usually after about five minutes), I drain off the peroxide. I repeat this with the other ear.

This works! Every time I do this, my cold is shortened to a very tame cold that only lasts 2-3 days. Whenever I am too late in doing this, my cold gets all nasty, lasting weeks and even causes me to miss work. I cannot vouch for any scientific truth behind this. And I can’t verify this will work for anyone else. But, it’s too good of a solution to keep to myself :). My first research, years ago, came from this site. Again, it is weird. Don’t judge.



My second favorite solution is the good ol’ fashioned salt-water gargle. I hate this. It’s nasty. But, it works. I gargle in the morning and before bed, and it quickly relieves a scratchy throat. I don’t have any special tricks. I just stick with what works.


Lastly, I love GNC’s Vitamin C crystals. These crystals pack 2,000 mg of vitamin C per serving, which is a LOT. They are very, VERY bitter, so I dissolve them in a cup of applesauce. I can’t prove that these work, but you can’t go wrong with a heavy dose of Vitamin C. (Actually, you can. Be careful, because taking an excess of Vitamin C can be dangerous. Take according to the servings instruction on the label). But, if taken correctly, Vitamin C can aid tremendously in boosting your immune system.
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And, when you have to leave the house and face life, stock up on some good Dayquil. I haven’t found anything better. (This link takes you to a discount at Vitacost…coupon here!)

feeling awake


Ok, I actually have more tricks for cold season. These don’t heal anything, but they sure make me feel better! One, I use a good face scrub to clean away any dry peeling skin and to invigorate my face. This leaves me feeling so fresh when I feel so gross. I am going to share my favorite face and body scrub tomorrow (stay tuned!). Second, when I have to go out and use makeup, I line my bottom lashes to give my whole look that “awake” look. More thoughts on that here!

Hope you feel better soon!