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Fall is my favorite season. And, because I live in a southern place that has summer weather 10 out of 12 months, I get about 1.5 weeks of fall every year. Not cool!

Every fall I kind of forget that it is coming because it is 200 degrees outside, and then am super surprised when it actually arrives with its little twirls of autumn wind on the sidewalk. That’s my favorite thing about autumn – the wind and the leaves – oh and the clothes – and Fall TV. Well, all of it actually.
I have compiled a list of my favorite things about this fall – Fall 2015. And, because I am me, there won’t be a mention of Pumpkin Spice Latte or Flannel on the list. #sorrynotsorry

2015 Fall Trends

Clothing 2015 Fall Trends

1. H&M Fall 2015 70s Inspired Clothes

I mean, tell me this wardrobe isn’t awesome! Have you seen H&M’s new fall look? I’ve never wanted a 70s look before in my life – but those bootcut jeans have me. The platform sandals – leather trench – I can’t. So awesome!

healthy brows

2. Full “Healthy” Eyebrows

This is a trend I can get behind. No, I don’t mean fuzzy overgrown eyebrows – just the full bold ones that we love. This article explains how to draw and brush in bold eyebrow hairs if you don’t have them. Me? I just skip plucking for one day and am set :).

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ankle mary jane shoes

3. Ankle/Mary Jane Shoes

I love this style! Yay for the Mary Janes still in my closet. If you want to see some cool – and BIZARRE shoes making a comeback (Hello Furry Books!) Check out this article here.

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fall 2015 hair

4. Fall 2015 HAIR

I really love seeing new hair trends like in this article here. I usually get my hair done in November – and it gets my kind of giddy to think about! Things I learned? “Undone” is in. Check. Leather is in. Check. Tucking your hair into your clothes is in. What?

Marsala Pantone

5. Wine Colored Everything

I should be more exact – Marsala colored everything. Pantone’s colors of the year Marsala is so beautiful! You should scroll through this article just to feel inspired. And beautiful. In the same vein, here are the top nails this season. Again, wine.
fall 2015 nails
What are some of your favorite things about this fall? Favorite shows? Favorite nails? Share!

My favorite about fall? The leaves - the clothes - Fall TV. Well, all of it actually. - Five Exciting trends for Fall 2015