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A Shameless Love of Amazon

You might want to call me an Amazon woman. (Any laughs? Too nerdy for this blog?) Seriously, I am. I have found (with my intense love of a good deal), that I can usually get a steal on If I am not getting a huge discount, I am at least saving myself the work […]

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The Key to Shopping and Wish Lists

I am a dreamer with a very small budget.  When I read about a new product, I usually research it, consider the pros and cons of purchasing it, and wonder when and if I can actually buy it.  It might be months before it is in my budget, or never.  This is the philosophy I use for large items, […]

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My Current New Favorite Things

I have picked up a few favorite new things this summer – and thought I should share! They aren’t huge things – and they aren’t even life-changing, they just are wonderful. Enjoy!   Merona Chino Shorts I have been on the lookout for some good, comfortable, short – but not too short – shorts.  I […]

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About – Old

Hello! My name is Ginny.   I don’t have an Instagramable-life. Honestly, when was the last time I Instagrammed? I like to shop sales. I live in a small rental with a toddler that touches everything. I try to cook dinner every night, but, seriously. I have a dreamy husband and an adorable toddler. But, […]

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All Things Monday

July Background Calendar

What a wonderful Monday!  I have about a million things spinning in my head, and I can’t wait to share all of them with you!  I had a glorious weekend – and am glad this week is up and running!  Here are a smattering of new things – and wish you all the most lovely […]

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