Today, my husband and I came home from a wonderful weekend vacation, and immediately we walked into a stale (and maybe a little smelly) kitchen.  I love my kitchen, and it truly is one of my favorite rooms in my house, but this afternoon it was far from pleasant.  I am somewhat obsessed with comfort and making my five senses happy – so I immediately kicked into gear my “make this kitchen my favorite room again” project.  I have a few go-to favorites for freshening up my kitchen, so I thought I would share them.  These are probably pretty common solutions, but every kitchen needs a little freshening up every now and then!  Please pass along any other ideas.  I am always looking for new tips!
10 mintue kitchen

  1. Clean is better – I keep my kitchen rather clean, but sometimes it needs a quick 10 minute cleaning-down.  I love to start the dishwasher, wash any used dishes, and make sure all dishes are limited to the drainboard.  Once the dishes are air-drying, I fine with them still on the counter.  Usually a good 10-minute kitchen cleaning leaves all the counters new again.
  2. Three instant pick-me-ups – I love to do three things daily.  I replace the hand towel, Swifter the floor, and spray my counters down with my favorite thing ever:  Mrs. Myers’s Clean Day Countertop Spray.  I LOVE this stuff – and got it from Vitacost!  See here for a Vitacost coupon.  These three things freshen up my kitchen immediately.
  3. Good lighting – Every day I light my Yankee Candle.  Every day.  It is an air-freshener, mood lighting, and immediate ambience.  This is my current candle fav.  Also, we also have a countertop lamp that we light instead of our overhead light fixture.  We never use the harsh standard lighting, and our lamp does wonders for the cozy factor.
  4. Sounds and smells – This afternoon I immediately turned on some pretty music and made coffee.  These two things immediately made me want to be in my kitchen.  All five sense are happy!

This might sound a little OCD.  Or a lot OCD.  But, after coming home to a messy, dirty kitchen, nothing can replace a little clean and fresh!

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