So, I don’t have things “put together” today. In fact, I am a little dry when it comes to the “newest and greatest” tip. So, I am just going to settle by telling you all the random things I am thinking about.

Or not, because that would take years.

So, here are a few random thoughts!


Need good date night ideas?  My husband and I signed up for and now spend countless hours planning our dream house!  The site is like Pinterest but better!  It is full of house ideas – all linked to the actual items and designs used in the houses.  It’s pretty addicting!

Father's Day 2013

I just ordered my father’s day present (late), but with Amazon Prime it’s ok!  Today is the last day to order Amazon Prime before Father’s Day – so get on it!  I ordered something off of my Simple Father’s Day Gift list – can you guess what?  Make sure you order today!  (My husband just ordered himself some Lava Soap – that I mentioned in the list – and said it was on sale  for only $1.89 a bar.)

Hay Needle

I just discovered Hay Needle.  How did I not know about this?!?  It’s like Overstocks and Home Goods COMBINED!  Apparently, it is possible to spend hours on this site – and I can tell why!

Blessings Unlimited GiveawayHave you entered for the FABULOUS wood Scripture candle pillars?  Have you stopped by Jane Martin’s Blessings United site to see all the beautifulness?  Make sure you don’t forget!

So one reason this post is kind of boring, is that I am planning AWESOME posts and giveaways for the next two weeks.  Let’s just say that I am giving away one of my FAVORITE products ever!  If something deserves that many exclamation points, it is worth sticking around for.