July 4 Collage

  1. This week is a glorious four-day weekend.  We seriously considered taking a day trip, or even an overnight beach trip – but instead we decided to just have a stay-at-home vacation.  For us, this just means maximizing time with friends, time together, and having some splurge time.  In keeping with our patriotic mood, we started watching Band of Brothers.  Well, my husband has seen it before, of course, but I am enjoying it for the first time.   I am a huge Damien Lewis fan, and so far I am really enjoying it.
  2. This is currently my favorite ice cream – is the smoothest, creamiest vanilla ever.  It tastes like half vanilla, half whipped cream.  Last night after a visit with our friends, we ate this with fudge syrup and strawberries.  The best.
  3. I am looking for a “Land of the free because of the brave” printable that one of my blog friends made recently.  If you know where it is – please let me know!  I loved it, but can’t find it again!
  4. When I have days off, I love organizing and decorating a little.  I loved the IKEA trays when we took our IKEA trip, and decided to replicate it in my bathroom.  I LOVE it!  It gives me a pretty place for my daily jewelry and lotions.
  5. I got Sweet Heart OPI for Christmas, and just used it again on my toes.  It is a lovely light white pink – and brings out the tan I don’t really have!

I hope you enjoy your weekend – and treasure being an American this Independence Day!

home of the free

**Update!  I found the printable I was looking for.  You can download it here!