about A Modern Commonplace Book

Hello! My name is Ginny.

I don’t have an Instagramable-life. Honestly, when was the last time I Instagrammed? I like to shop sales. I live in a small rental with a toddler that touches everything. I try to cook dinner every night, but, seriously. I have a dreamy husband and an adorable toddler. But, we also have hard days, depressing moments, and all the life things…

Welcome to normal life.

I love to research – and rarely buy something without thoroughly scouring the internet, writing out Lorelai-esque pro/con lists, discussing it in-depth with friends, and maybe adding a ton of stuff to my Amazon Shopping List. And then, I tell the whole world. By the whole world, I mean you!


I love homemade and simple. I love designer things at consignment prices. I love really cool tips, frozen mint oreos, everything Fast and Furious, free samples from Ulta, this recipe for the easiest dinner prep ever, homemade body scrubs, Kym Douglas on Youtube, Yankee Candles…

This little blog is just a place for me to spill my ideas. I am not a pro. I just like things. Will you join me? Make sure to click on over here and introduce yourself! (If you are wondering about the title of the blog – read about it here.)

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