A few months ago I was researching ways to make this site the safest and strongest (and fastest) that it could possible be. I loved the slough of WordPress plugins that I found, but when I discovered Incapsula – a company that provided CDN security, a web-application firewall, and acceleration in loading speed – I knew that I needed to learn more!

I was contacted by Incapsula (after I asked a question about it on Twitter) and immediately I was plugged into the fabulous support system that Incapsula offers. Basically, Incapsula is a cloud-based system that provides websites with these options:
I spent some time researching the process, and soon was convinced that I needed to try it. I contacted the Incapsula product evangelist, Igal, and soon he was helping me direct my blog through Incapsula’s security. This was very easy! This is done by logging into your Host company’s control panel (for me this is Hostgator) and directing my Cname files to the addresses that Incapsula gave me.

I LOVE that this doesn’t actually require complex DNS changes. While the usual practice is full transfer of all DNS records, with Incapsula you will only need to change 1-2 fields without switching providers. Also, the entire time my site was re-directing, it never experienced lag or time offline. And, through the whole thing, the support was fabulous and all my questions were answered!

What are the results? For me, I can tell my site loads much faster, and I never have had to worry about spam-like-searches slowing it down. Every week I receive a fabulous report that tells me what is going on with my site. I had no idea that a little old blog receives so much junk! Here is an example:
incapsula report
I have asked Igal to answer some questions to give you all the information you could want to know! I asked a few questions with the bloggers in mind, so feel free to ask any follow-up questions. Without further ado, here is Igal:

1. In a few sentences, please explain what Incapsula is all about. How did it come about – and what services does it offer?

For me Incapsula is about making technology affordable. In today’s online world, SMB sites and private blogs need more than just storage. They need better security, bot filtering, and are looking for new ways to speed up their site and conserve bandwidth. Such technologies, in hardware form, can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Leveraging our security and networking know-how and our cloud delivery capabilities, we provide our clients with the same enterprise-grade security and acceleration solutions for a fraction of that price.

2. Most of our readers are bloggers. What advantages does Incapsula offer the typical blogger?

Our CDN is the first thing that comes to mind. Using our free features you’ll be able to achieve 30%-40% improvement in your site’s load speeds and save 30%-40% on bandwidth.

But the real benefit – at least in my mind – is our security services. Most bloggers probably won’t need our anti-DDoS solutions, but some may want our Web Application Firewall, especially if they retain clients’ data or are growing in a way that may draw unwanted attention. It may sound weird, but today literally everyone is a target. If a local babysitting business can be targeted by multiple offenders (true story), then it can happen to anyone.

I think that our free security features, which include anti-spam and anti-scraping, are a good fit for most bloggers. Our free plan also protects sites from automated hacking tools, which are commonly employed to hijack blog sites. If your site is already compromised, our free Backdoor Protect will help identify and remove the malware. Finally, our free Login Protect feature will secure you administrative areas, helping prevent password hacks and brute force attacks, which usually target blogs.

3. Please explain the several pricing plans that are offered. I am thrilled there is an excellent Free plan. Please tell us what this includes and why we should consider paying for an upgraded plan?

Our plans are built to offer something for everyone. Small sites and personal blogs often choose our Free plan, which includes a CDN and protection from automated hacking tools, spammers and scrapers. Larger sites are more likely to go for our $19/month Personal plan, which provides enhanced acceleration and caching features.

Commercial sites should definitely consider the $59/month Business plan, for its advanced security features which include our PCI compliant Web Application Firewall (WAF). If additional DDoS protection is needed, these sites may choose to purchase our $299/month Business+ plan.

Beyond that, our Enterprise plan provides large organization with uptime SLA, API support, additional DDoS protection, failover and load balancing solutions, and other high-grade features.

4. What is required in the installation process? For the non-tech savvy bloggers out there, what support does Incapsula offer?

Activating Incapsula is very easy. All you have to do is to change your CName. It only takes a couple of minutes. If necessary, we also have 24×7 support to guide you through the process.

5. We have heard all about other CDN platforms. Personally, I am so excited there is another alternative. Can you please explain how you are different?

I feel that we offer a more complete solution, based on our extra security features. We also provide better overall value with new capabilities like Login Protect (our take on Two Factor Authentication), which helps secure your administrative areas and Load Balancing which helps improve delivery for our Enterprise clients.

On the acceleration side, we use our proprietary algorithms to offer a unique approach to caching. Specifically, our ability to cache the typically “uncatchable” dynamic content is a much better fit for most CMS bases websites, including Word Press, Drupal and Joomla, Vbulletin, etc. We work hard to stay on top of our game. If you are looking to get more from your CDN, should definitely check us out.

6. Are there any new up-and-coming features that you can tell us about?

Yes there are, but you’ll have to follow our blog and social media channels for updates.

7. How can we learn more? Please share all your newsletter and/or social media information!

Feel free to visit our blog where you can also subscribe to our newsletter. We’re also active in social media and you can follow our progress on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+.


Disclaimer: I was not paid for my review and all opinions are my own.

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