Spring Trends on the Cheap

I am not one of those bloggers that has a “spring lust” wish where every item is by Kate Spade – and over $100. Honestly, I have very little on even my “I must buy this otherwise I won’t have anything to wear” list, mostly because the money just isn’t there. But, I am loving […]

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The Perfect White Blouse

It has been awhile since I have written a Come Research With Me post.  I have lately been thinking, that if I am a true “research” blog, that I need to test out and try ALL the options in order to give you a solid recommendation.  Truth is, I don’t have the money, time, or […]

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Three Rules for Wearing Denim

I grew up in non-fun jeans. You know the kind – elastic waist, short hemlines. I never believed I could be “that girl” in a pair of jeans (you know – her name is Lorelai Gilmore!). I bought my first pair of “real” jeans for $60 at The Limited one year – and they changed […]

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