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In the spirit of not comparing myself (and of simplifying my life) I have started weeding through everyone I follow on social media.  This isn’t the easiest task – but sure is freeing!  I find myself following bucketloads of people because of blog giveaways, and then discover that I have hundreds of strangers coming through my feeds.  Now don’t get me wrong, I love seeing people’s pretty pictures!  But, you’ve got to be picky, y’all!

I have found myself asking a few basic questions that let me make a black and white decision about who I follow on social media.  This is what I ask myself – please share your favorite thoughts in the comments section below!

1.  Would I be friends with this person in real life?
Is this person friend-material?  Is he/she someone I like enough to be friends?  More often than naught, we don’t even know the person on the other end – so now is the time to do some research!

2.  What is the goal of this person’s social media account?
Are they promoting themselves?  Are they simply followers that re-post everything?  Are they out to make me laugh?  Or does their material not even apply to my life? Do I like their agenda? I find myself unfriending people who post all about their perfect life. Even though they don’t mean to appear perfect all the time – it makes it easier for me to just not see their ideal situation every day on my feeds :).

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3.  Are they a guilt-friend?
You know the type, you feel bad un-friending (un-following) them, but really have no desire to follow them.  Unless there are unfavorable consequences in “breaking up with them” on social media, don’t let guilt keep them as a friend.

4.  Are they heroes or idols?
I follow several celebrities online – and catch myself wondering if they spur me on to greatness, or on to bitterness.  Keep the heroes.  Ditch the idols.

Use this week to weed out all the accounts that just add unnecessary comparison to your life – and cling to the friends, heroes, and inspirations!

how to be picky on social media

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