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My $5.99 At-Home Gel Manicure

I was so excited to try this easy at-home gel manicure solution! I am sick of my nails chipping in a few days – and really don’t have the money or time to try a professional gel manicure right now. When I saw the pin below of an at-home solution that doesn’t require special gel […]

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How to Deep Clean your Makeup Brushes

So, there are TONS of makeup-brush-cleaning posts out there.  Posts, tutorials, how-to’s.  You name it.  It exists. But, I discovered that my brushes needed a DEEP CLEANING.  I am not talking a good shampoo.  I am talking a PURGE. The Normal Clean When I clean my brushes normally, I do it in the morning right […]

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Get your Man Some Nice Jeans

It’s been awhile since I wrote a Come Research with Me post – and so I decided to share my recent research that I did for my husband! My husband is a good dresser.  He always has been.  I think he once spent a thousand dollars at Land’s End and it has lasted him about […]

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