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31 days

So, you all know I am doing a CRAZY long series for 31 days.  If you have read this post at all in the past 19 days, you know that :).  And today, I just wanted to share my other favorite 31 days series that are going on!  These beautiful and fun series are pretty exhausting, and so I wanted to give credit where credit is due!  Nice job, ladies!  I am so impressed with your writing.


One, my friend Danielle is writing an awesome series called “31 Day of Resources for Life”.  She has shared her favorite Bible Study, beauty, books, and podcasts resources – and about 15 more!  Make sure to stop in here and read them all :).


A super fun series is The Sugar Box’s “31 Days of Game Changing Party Planning”.  If you love parties, read it.  If like to laugh, read it!  This lady is hilarious – and her blog makes me lose it sometimes.  Enjoy.31-Days-of-Breaking-Bread-800x780

If you love Southern hospitality, join Erin in her series “31 Days of Breaking Bread”.  She’s sweet and loving, but has an honest and real-life approach to hospitality.  Love.


One of my newest favorite bloggers is Liz with So I Married a Youth Pastor.   Her series “31 Days of Breaking Religion” has really captured my attention.  I love Christian blogs that take a new and relevant look at faith.  Liz has really done this – and I love it.  Her latest post “Let’s Talk About Sex” is worth reading, y’all.

If you are writing a 31 Days Series, please leave your URL below and I will check out your site :).  Thanks for being a 31 Day Supporter :).  You have no idea how much it means to me!