The Key to Lose Weight (The Lose It App)

Even though this is not a “Health and Nutrition” blog per say, I definitely care a lot about health, weight loss and nutritious recipes.  I am not an exercise fanatic.  Nor am I obsessed with eating only vegetables (have you seen how much I love desserts?).  But, I definitely do care.  This will probably be […]

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A Few Thoughts About Food Budgeting

I was asked to write a little about food budgeting after my series “How to Not Menu Plan” which you can read here: Part One and Part Two.  Let’s be honest, food budgeting is HARD.  Actually all budgeting is hard.  I definitely do not have this mastered, but I do live (survive) on a tiny […]

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One Pan, One Meal

This is a one-pan meal I make weekly – and is one of those basics I told you about.  I love how the recipe is so flexible and involves almost no prep time.  I throw this in the pan, bake it for an hour and voila!  Dinner is served!  This serves two people, but can […]

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