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How to Deep Clean your Makeup Brushes

So, there are TONS of makeup-brush-cleaning posts out there.  Posts, tutorials, how-to’s.  You name it.  It exists. But, I discovered that my brushes needed a DEEP CLEANING.  I am not talking a good shampoo.  I am talking a PURGE. The Normal Clean When I clean my brushes normally, I do it in the morning right […]

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DIY Child’s Grandparent Journal

My Grandparent Journal Here is a simple, super sweet idea for you!  When I young, my mother created a sweet idea for me and my grandmother.  She bought a journal for me and my grandmother to mail back and forth. We both write in it for several pages, and oftentimes I ask tons of questions […]

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Favorite Things Under $10

So, I really loved the post I did awhile ago called A Few Favorite Finds Under $10. You all loved it – so I am doing another post! Here are my top favorite things under ten dollars! Check out all my other My Favorite Things posts here! I shared the devotional Wife After God on […]

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