Well, today it’s all about budgeting, budget goals, and a link-up for the Intentional Life Project!

Before I start, I want to know, for all you not involved in the Intentional Life Project, if there is something we can do to simplify the project – and make it more interesting for you. If you want to join, but have some ideas to improve it, please drop me a line! We want to make this a project of the people and for the people!

This past Saturday I actually did budget completely for a few hours – and it was so needed! I have been faithful balancing my checkbook, and spent a lot of time cleaning up my iBank account. (If you haven’t heard of iBank, check it out here! We love it!). So, I feel like I am on top of my budget goals that I outlined here.

I also did a grocery trip complete with coupons – which was a bonus when it comes to budgeting this month!

Sometimes budgeting is a slow process! I am feeling like this month has been challenging to me – which is what I needed – but not as immediate when it comes to the rewards. I am hoping that by April 1, I will be able to see a shift in the way I budget. That is all I can hope for :).

Just a little word about The Intentional Life Project.

This is not a secret, scary club! You don’t have to start from the very beginning to participate – or even finish your monthly goal to participate. We want you to feel comfortable starting mid-month. Or starting on the last week! Or, combining our goal tracker with your own goal-setting plans! All we really want is to encourage you and reward you in setting goals. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s start something together!


It’s time to link up our March goals and progress for the Intentional Life Project – under the theme “Improving the Budget”! If you are taking part in the Intentional Life Project, we’d love for you to share your goal, your inspiration – or your favorite tips. If you don’t have a blog, we’d love for you to share a copy of your goal tracker on Instagram! Don’t forget to hashtag #IntentionalLifeProject!

We also have an exclusive Google Plus Community for The Intentional Life Project. This is a fabulous way to share your goals and encourage each other with your monthly progress. Please email Ginny and request to be invited.

Information about the project and a downloadable goal tracker can be found here. If you want to get just Intentional Life Project posts by email – sign up here!


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  1. Follow your hosts and co-hosts and enjoy reading about their monthly goals!
  2. Read a few fellow link-ups and comment on their blogs. After all, the goal is to cheer your friends on!
  3. Please link up your goal status, inspiration, tips, or progress! If you want, include a photo of your goal tracker! Please link up your exact post url – not your blog’s homepage, unrelated projects, or giveaways. They will be deleted.
  4. Share! Let your friends know that you want them to join in! Don’t forget to hashtag #IntentionalLifeProject!
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