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Raise your hand if you struggle with printing family photos? Have grandparents that want copies of your kids’ photos? Love custom photo albums – but WHO HAS THE TIME?

*raises hand*

I love this era where we all have 10,000 digital photos on our computers, but I HATE that we don’t have any photos printed out.

And our grandparents really hate it too.

I have a daughter and she’s many miles away from her great-grandmother and her grandparents. I’m learning how to keep our communication and daily life fresh and new with the grandparents – and its hard. It’s hard to find the balance of living your own life – and sharing it with those whom you love.

I discovered Chatbooks last year and it has changed the game.

Chatbooks is an automated service that will automatically print your latest photos (from Instragram, your computer, social media) and send it to your subscriptions. So, as often as you like, your recipients will receive an automated book of your latest photos.

I love these books because they are small (6″x6″ or 8″x8″), adorable, and the perfect size for collecting. And, they are only $10 apiece. And, they are no-nonsense – no color schemes, fonts, or huge descriptions – just small, square books of your latest photos.

(But, they do have cute customization options if you love that sort of thing!)

This is perfect if you want to automate your Instagram photos, but what if you want to hand-pick your latest kid’s photos to send to their grandparents? This is how I do it!

How to use Chatbooks for Family Photos for Grandparents

  • First, go to Chatbooks here and click “Make a Book” and “Photo Book Series”
  • Choose whether you want a softback book, or hardback, and choose “Choose a Photo Source”

  • Choose “Google Photos” as your photo source

  • Use your Google account to sign in and allow Chatbooks to access your photos.
  • I use two ways to manually choose the photos I want to add to your Chatbooks Album.  These two options allow me to add photos from my phone or computer, and allow me to add photos on my own time.  No automatic pulling from social media.
  • Here’s how I do it on my iPhone:


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Adding Photos to Chatbooks Using Photo Favorites (for MOBILE)

  • On your phone, go to Photos >> All Photos and when you find a photo you want to add, “Favorite” it and click that heart.
  • When you have selected all the photos you want, they will all show in the Favorites folder.  And in the future, whenever you want to add more photos, just favorite them and you will have a running list of all your Chatbooks photos.

  • Now download the Chatbooks App, login, and find your new book under “Drafts”.
  • Click the … in the top right hand corner for “Settings”
  • Under “Photo Sources”, click “Add Source”
  • Choose Camera Roll Favorites and your Favorite photos will now be your main source for photos!



Adding Photos to Chatbooks Using iPhone Shared Folders (for iPHone and DESKTOP)

  • On an iPhone, turn on Shared Folders for your photos.  Here are instructions for setting that up.
  • Create a new shared folder called “Add to Chatbooks”.
  • Add all the photos you want to your new shared folder on your phone or desktop!  Now all your selected photos will show up on all your devices in this new folder:

  • Now login to Chatbooks on your desktop.
  • Click on “My Chatbooks”, and your new daft.
  • In the top right hand corner, click “Add Photos” and now choose your NEW option, choosing from your computer.

  • Now with your computer browser, find your new shared folder under Photos:

  • This gives you an EASY way to add any photos you share from your iphone or computer.

TIP: If you go to “Series Options” in the top of your draft, and click on “Series Settings”, you can see all the photo sources set up for that subscription!


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Customize your Chatbook:

  • Have fun customizing your Chatbook!  Here are things you can customize:
  • Series title
  • Photos
  • Descritions
  • Dates
  • Note: all photos will order in DATE ORDER


Ordering your Chatbook

Chatbooks is not a normal “order when you want” subscription.  Instead, once there are 60 photos added to a book, it will automatically order for you.  I don’t love this feature, so this is why I manually add my photos, so I can determine when 60 have been added.  Once you add  60 photos, your first book in your subscription is done. (I usually sit down twice a year and add 60 photos, and finish out a book.)

To have these sent to your recipients, set up a new subscription for each recipient.  Add the name, address and settings for each subscription.  Once a subscription is set up in Chatbooks, you do NOT NEED TO ORDER.  Those subscrptions will automatically order for you.  So, make sure they are set up before you finish a book.

Finish a book, make sure your subscriptions are ok, and WAIT.  Your books will process within the week.

And your grandparents will love the treat in their mailbox!

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Favorite things about Chatbooks

I love their customer service! A few times I’ve had questions about my subscriptions and orders, and their chat customer service is stellar!

I love that I can sit down and in 30 minutes, design and ship photo books – for $10/each! So worth it!

I love how cute these books are! I keep our set on our coffee table, and my daughter looks at them almost every day. The books are perfect for her little hands.

I love that my parents have a tiny pile of photo books of our family, and they don’t take up much room.

I love that my grandmother can grab a book, throw it in her purse, and show her friends.

I love how easy the set up is! Have fun!


**Nothing about this post is sponsored. I just really love Chatbooks! But, this post does include referral links.**


Easy, cheap and beautiful photo books – downloaded directly from your computer