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DIY - Make a Child's Grandparent Journal to treasure memories! - A Modern Commonplace Book

My Grandparent Journal

Here is a simple, super sweet idea for you!  When I young, my mother created a sweet idea for me and my grandmother.  She bought a journal for me and my grandmother to mail back and forth.

We both write in it for several pages, and oftentimes I ask tons of questions – about her growing up abroad, her family, her marriage, etc.  She writes back memories and stories that are now documented on paper.  We still do this – and exchange the journal about twice a year. We’ve been doing this for FOURTEEN years! I always tell my husband that if there is a fire in the house, this is something we are saving!

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She is my last living grandparent, and I am so thankful for this journal that keeps her stories alive and in my heart.

This is a precious idea to cultivate a relationship between your child and grandparent – especially if they don’t live nearby.  This child’s Grandparent Journal is a super easy gift – and is one that will last forever.

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