Anyone else just NOT feeling the Christmas spirit? I am usually so ready and antsy for December to get here – and yet this year I’m just not ready. We have been traveling and are currently both sick. Our house hasn’t seen a Christmas decoration yet – and I’m just not ready! Anyone else understand?

It’s not just that I am so behind. It’s that I can’t “feel” the spirit yet. I haven’t been in a store in ages to see the decorations. I live in a place that feels like summer now (right at about the low 60s) and Christmas presents? Who has even started on those? Well, probably everybody but me.

I have decided that I have to force myself to get ready for Christmas. I’ve lost enough time just waiting to feel like it.

So, out comes the Christmas music and movies.

Usually, by now, I’ve already started immersing myself in the best music and films ever – but this year we are having an intervention. I am not going to list the “of course you watch that” movies. Instead, here are some not-so-well-known favorites that everyone needs to add to their lists!

christmas music and movies 1

1. The very BEST Christmas movie of all time – or just best movie of all time (it’s debatable) – is The Holiday. Mix together Jude Law, a cottage in Britain, and my favorite Eli Wallach – and you have a hit!

2. Now let yourself wallow with the magical Christmas ballad “The River” by Joni Mitchell. Good luck not crying through the whole thing.


3. Need to laugh? Try our Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Jingle All the Way. I don’t know who has been hiding this movie – but it’s hilarious!

4. One of my favorite arrangements ever of “The Little Drummer Boy” is by the Pentatonix. Revel.


5. No list is complete without the National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. One of the best ever!


6. Now go listen to this entire cd. Pronto.


7. For some reason, You’ve Got Mail is a classic Christmas movie. Does anyone else think that?

8. My favorite version of “Mary Did You Know” is by Cee Lo Green. So good!

9. Now to wrap it all up, enjoy this adorable version of the Christmas Story. It’s the most precious thing you’ve ever seen!