I love coconut oil. I first heard about it from Passionate Homemaking years ago, and have since incorporated it into my life. It has enumerable uses: beauty, cooking, home… And I love how one natural product can do so much! I really have loved the few ways I have incorporated it into my life.

First, though, I will say that if you Google “coconut oil” you will find websites that say it has over a hundred uses. Maybe it does. But, I am a little leery to say it is a miracle product. Even though it is a better oil to cook with than vegetable oil (because it has a high smoke point), I am not one to jump on the band wagon and encourage you to ingest it. Yes, it probably has healing qualities, but it is high in saturate fat and so I am wary about doing that. I like reading articles about its healthy properties, but still don’t know what to believe. You can read what I am talking about here.

But, I have found several ways that it really is an excellent home solution. Here are a few ways I use coconut oil:

  • I cook with it. I use it mostly for sauteing vegetables and making dishes like stir-fry. I also have used it in a granola recipe which turned out amazingly. I love that it smells a little coconutty and really cooks SO well. And, because apparently it is good for you, I prefer using it to vegetable oils.
  • I use it as a lotion. This is the perfect lotion before bed. It is absorbed immediately and heals skin rapidly. And it smells amazing. I keep a jar in my bathroom.
  • I use it as a scar cream. This stuff works. I paid lots of money for Moderma scar cream, only to try coconut oil with better results.
  • I have made homemade deodorant with it. I know this is starting to sound a little crunchy, but the deodorant really works! It even worked well during days that I exercised. Here is my favorite recipe for this.
  • My favorite way to use coconut oil is as a makeup remover. I use this every night with a cotton ball. It works wonders on even really tough eye makeup, and I moisturize my eye area at the same time.
  • I use it in my homemade sea salt hair spray. (See recipe here!)
  • I LOVE it as a lip balm. It is absorbed immediately and nourishes even the most chapped lips.
  • I use it in my homemade sugar scrub recipe.
  • I use it as an overnight deep-treatment conditioner. I rub it into my scalp and wash it out in the morning. My scalp and hair and shiny and conditioned!
  • There are more uses here and I would love to know some of your favorite ways to use coconut oil!

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