One of my favorite types of posts right now are these coffee dates posts. I love it when I can just sit down with you and let you know what’s on my mind. I am not one to spill a lot of personal stuff on this blog, so my coffee dates with you give me a chance to just catch up with you!

I am linking up today with the lovely Rachel Cox from Oh Simple Thoughts. Please, please go check out this beautiful girl and her blog! She has become a dear “friend” to me, and I love her sweet heart and love of Jesus and life!

If we had coffee together today…

About Ginny

I would tell you that we should meet at Panera for their Hazelnut Coffee. I love Starbucks, but I really love some Panera Hazelnut!

I would tell you that there are some major life decisions that are consuming my husband’s and my thoughts lately. I won’t share them on the blog – but it’s a little scary when “life as you know it” kind of ends. We are really praying hard for the next stage in our lives.

I would tell you that while we are making these life decisions, we are watching innumerable episodes of 24 and Whose Line is it Anyway?.

I would tell you that my May goal was to read 3-4 books. (Are you linking up with us May 30 to share your goals?) I haven’t read one. It’s sad.

I have read 3-4 issues of People magazine because we are somehow getting a free subscription. That might be even more sad.

Truth and honesty here, people.

I would tell you that the all I ever want to eat anymore is Falafel made from the Falafel mix from our local Arab market. I made it last week and can’t stop thinking about it.

And then I would tell you that I really want to start exploring with foods from different cultures.

I would tell you that I am hosting a one-week-late Mother’s Day brunch on Sunday for both sides of our family.  I am once again pulling out my absolute favorite brunch recipes:  Cinnamon Streusel Coffee Cake and Slow Cooker Breakfast Casserole.  These two recipes always take the cake.  Haha.  Pun.

I would tell you that you should save those recipes (and all my recipes here!).

And then I would stop talking just so you could get a word in edgewise – and so I could finish my coffee.  What’s going on with you?  Any new ideas?  Interesting life happenings?  Please share :).