I love Mother’s Day. I treasure the idea of honoring my mother on a special day. And, after she lost her mother a few years back, the day has become even more special. I wrote about my Mother’s Day plans for last year here and here, and plan to find something just as special this year.

I am still looking for inspiration for this year’s gift, but here are some Mother’s Day gift ideas I have had in the past – and some new ideas – that will inspire a few Mother’s Day celebrations this year!

A Custom Printed Tea Towel

If you haven’t read about the gift my cousin and I gave our mothers last year, you must read this post. The tea towel brought tears to many eyes – and still are one of the dearest gifts I’ve given! Here is a little of the post I posted last year about the gift:

It is hard to find the perfect gift. Oftentimes, I wait until the last minute to scurry about, trying to find that perfect present! But, not this Mother’s Day. My cousin Emily and I have had an idea for years (thanks to Pinterest) that we finally put it into motion. We knew that this gift would tug at hearts. Our mothers are sisters, and had the most precious mother who passed away several years ago. When we saw an idea for custom-printed tea towels, printed with old handwritten recipe cards, we knew this would honor our grandmother and our mothers tremendously.We collected several recipe cards and decided on two favorites. We wanted to print enough fabric for four hand towels – two towels of each card. We scanned the cards and saved them in jpeg form (using Adobe). With these jpegs, we uploaded them to Picasa and did our magic! READ THE REST HERE


Coco Wagner Jewelry

This dainty handmade jewelry would be perfect for any mother out there!  I wear the Gold Filled Sideways Heart Necklace (at only $25.90!) every day – and absolutely love wearing my husband’s initial close to me.  Use the code “cocofive” for 5% off!  READ MORE AND ORDER HERE

CoCo Wagner


I love my Plum Paper Planner – and customizing one for your mother would be a perfect gift! I absolutely love the designs, quality, and beauty of these planners. Use the code MODERN10 for a 10% discount! READ ALL THE DETAILS AND ORDER HERE

Plum Paper Collage

Custom Calligraphy

My friend Annie Simmons has a custom calligraphy business, The Crafted Flourish, that has absolutely lovely prints. Her website, The Crafted Flourish, offers a beautiful explanation about why hand-lettering is so important, and how she reached this point in her career. Her blog is a whimsical look at all things beautiful! She offers custom work – and has one of the most beautiful pen around!  READ MORE HERE


These are just a few ideas for Mother’s Day, but please share your favorites – I need some more ideas!

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