My Life

Halloween – Are You Ready?

So I did not grow up celebrating Halloween that much. I had enough dress-ups to fuel a thousand Halloweens, so special costumes and big celebrations didn’t really happen in our house. And then I got married to Mr. Halloween. I say this only because his birthday is on Halloween – and his mother hand-sewed multiple […]

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It’s Not Enough

{via} I have been struggling with “Just One More Thing” syndrome. The syndrome that views blogs as resources for the “perfect thing that will change my life” (I stand GUILTY). The syndrome that looks longingly at an Amazon Wish List and dreams of the day when everything will be perfect. The syndrome that buys that […]

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6 Things You Should Know About Me

Thank you Kylie, for tagging me in your “6 Things You Should Know About Me” post!  I am pretty excited about sharing a few things about myself! 1. Is this how you imagined your life would be? Back in the day, when I used to wear tutus and dress-up clothes, I used to imagine the […]

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Come Research with Me

Research With A Modern Commonplace Book

I am a Researcher. I think there are a special breed of us. I can’t help it – and pretty much everything I encounter goes through an intense pro and con research list. Everything – from my plastic kitchen storage containers – to my laundry detergent – to my makeup – to my laptop. I […]

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It was THAT kind of weekend

I blame THAT kind of weekend on the fact that I have invested in my real life – not necessarily my blog life.  I got to see some awesome friends on a whirlwind daytrip on Friday.  (Shout out to Amy, Anna and Kit!)  I got to spend time with my husband.  I got to rest […]

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One Hundred

This is post #100.  ONE HUNDRED. That is a big deal. In honor of my hundred posts, I am introducing a few awesome things this week.  I can’t say yet what they are – but you will want to STAY TUNED.  They might involve some awesome things for YOU.  Because, let’s be honest.  Without you, […]

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