Whats-New3Hello all my lovelies!

I am toying around with a different newsletter option.  I am using a new service – but it is still a RSS To Email newsletter.  This means all my posts will still be sent directly to your inbox – but it bypasses Google Feedburner.  The program will automate your emails, and allow you to sign up with one click!  I am keeping my original blog RSS feed that you can get here, and using a more simple option.  I hope this in no way adds extra step for you – and makes your life super simple!   You can sign up on the sidebar to the right –>.

I LOVE having blogs sent to my email – because it keeps me from having to check multiple sites.  Please consider doing this if your time is precious!  I love you all, and thank you for signing up!  If you have any ideas about making this easier, I welcome your input!