I have picked up a few favorite new things this summer – and thought I should share! They aren’t huge things – and they aren’t even life-changing, they just are wonderful. Enjoy!


Merona Chino Shorts

new favorite things chino shorts
I have been on the lookout for some good, comfortable, short – but not too short – shorts.  I have tried Old Navy in the past – but this time Target came to the rescue!  I got two pairs of these 3″ Chino Shorts, and LOVE them.  They are currently only $14.99 – I totally recommend them! They don’t wrinkle, and don’t change shape in the washer and dryer. I am really impressed.


Yoplait Frozen Yogurt Bars – Raspberry


my new favorite things yoplait frozen yogurt bars
I saw these in the store on sale – and thought they might be a good low-calorie dessert option for me (for when my husband is having his bowl of Cookies and Cream).  They are SO good!  Each bar is only 80 calories – and made only of pure ingredients (think sugar and milk!)  You can see the ingredients hereThey aren’t too sweet – just like Greek yogurt really.  So, I get protein and low calories for dessert every night – and love it!


Fit Bit Zip

fit bit zipSo, I am well aware that a Fit Bit Zip is a splurge.  At $49 (on Amazon), it’s more than I usually spend on a whim – but I did redeem credit card points for it so for me it was free.  I have been pretty discouraged about the whole logging calories thing – because I plateaud for a long time and couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t losing weight.  I also have been itching for a new workout plan – something that doesn’t involve a gym (which I really hate, honestly).  I have been reading about the “10,000 steps a day” thing – and realized that I just don’t move enough.  Also, while calculating your steps, the Fit Bit Zip also calculates your exact calories burned – so I don’t have to guess anymore if I am eating within my calorie budget.  All that to say, I love this thing!

I have realized three things from using this:  one, I don’t move half as much as I thought I did.  I have barely gotten 5,000 steps a day – and that includes my extra efforts to take walks!  I pretty much sit all day!  Two, I have become MUCH more intentional about moving since wearing this.  I pace while I talk on the phone.  I park in the furthest parking spot.  I do lunges when brushing my teeth.  Just wearing this makes me more aware.  And three, I don’t need to “workout” just to be able to justify eating dessert.  I used to think I needed to do big things to make a difference.  Now I know that just walking more allows me to up my calorie intake.  Love it!


My Favorite Shopping Tip – Amazon Wishlists


amazon wishlists

I have talked about my love for Amazon Wishlists before – and I am going to talk about it again!  Inevitably, I read TONS of review online, and need a system to remember people’s recommendations.  I don’t have the budget to buy everything I want, and so I have created a system to keep track of ideas for future purchases.  I have a public Amazon Wishlist I give to people for Christmas present ideas, but my favorite wishlist is private that I use just for myself.  Whenever I read about an item that I am interested in – I add it and write in any comments that I need.  For instance, I wrote in “Serenade / Maria Menounos” above for the Stila Lip Color so I know what color and who recommended it.  Also, for the (awesome) shoes, I wrote in the blog name that recommended them.  This is my easy way to track ideas.  Inevitably, I lose interest in a product down the road – and then can just cross it off the list.  (So in that way, I save money.)  Anyway, don’t think all my posts are just to “buy, buy, buy!”  Instead – use this opportunity to organize your future purchases!  (Don’t be thrown off by the date these were listed – I only moved them around today, not added them all!)