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I’ve written in the past about my fitness routine, and how it’s always changing. I like flexibility when I work out – and am always changing it up.

I really have only one rule for my workouts, and that is: Always be doing something. It doesn’t have to be the same every day – the same as last week – or the same as last year. But just do something. You can see a list of some of the workouts I’ve done in the last eight years here.

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But, recently I have adopted a few new things for my daily workout, so here is what is inspiring me now:

1. I have seen so many motivational quotes about fitness. Let’s be honest, Pinterest is full of them. But, the only one that consistently motivates me is this one. It is brutally honest – and I need to hear it every day.



2. My iPhone is a constant companion to my workouts. Here are the apps I love:



Netflix | When I am on the elliptical, I love watching my latest show. 30 minutes flies by!



iHeartRadio | This is my all-time favorite music app. I love a good playlist (see mine here!) but I am really a radio girl. I’d rather have 1000 songs at my fingertips any day:). My favorite stations are Time to Dance Radio and 50 Minute Workout Radio.

MomTip: It doesn't matter if I'm uber prepared for dinner - I also want my kitchen to be clean and inviting. This is why I've perfected the "Clean my kitchen in 10 minutes" routine. Check out how I clean my kitchen (or any room, for that matter!) in 10 minutes here!



Tone it Up | This is my current favorite workout. The app makes watching their workouts so easy – and I love having hundreds of workouts to choose from!

3. Let’s talk about weights. I recently started an experiment – and so far it is blowing me away. For so long, I have been using the elliptical at my office gym. 30 minutes and 350+ calories. Not bad! But, lately I’ve just been in a rut. So, I’ve decided to scrap the elliptical, and just focus on weight training. I am doing only about 30 minutes a day (2 Tone It Up workouts) and I rotate between arms/legs and booty/abs.



Let me tell you. For the first time in my life, I really not concerned with how much weight I am losing, or how many calories I am burning. Instead, my whole body feels like it is changing. I can’t move in the mornings because my hamstrings are so sore (when have I ever worked out my hamstrings?!) and I can’t wait to exercise because I know I will feel immediate results.

I add in Total Body and Yoga workouts (still with Tone It Up) when I feel like my body needs a change in pace. The workouts are realistic and fun – and sometimes I don’t even realize how much I am working my body until the morning after. If you need a workout boost, I totally would check them out! Their Youtube channel is so accessible if you don’t have their app or their new workout DVD.

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