Happy Friday!  If your week was anything like mine, it was slow!  I really love “Getting Back Into Routine” January, but that doesn’t mean that it is an easy month!

I am going to link-up with High Five for Friday again, but am going to share 5 daily things I have been doing daily – instead of the normal randomness.

I don’t make strict New Year’s resolutions, because I know by March my zeal and vigor will be almost non-existent.  But, I always love the “new beginnings” that January brings, and I always find myself committing to “new things” – which may last 3 months – or a year.  Here are five things I am changing daily – we’ll see how long they last!

I Have A Renewed Vigor for my Lose-It App

If I am totally honest, I got very sloppy with logging my calories over the holidays.  Very sloppy.  I absolutely love and believe in the Lose It App – but I have to be on board mentally for it to work.  These past two weeks I have been 100% ON BOARD.  Like, I log after every bite.  (Well, not really).  I am still not eating well 100%, but I know what I am eating and am keeping my calories in check.  I am also working out about 3 times a week – but no matter how much exercise you do, “you can’t out-exercise a bad diet”.  I believe this 100%.  (Read more about how I use the Lose It App here.)



I Am Eating An Apple A Day

Ok, I know this is weird.  And it hardly deserves to be blogged about!  But, I have become really intentional about this.  I have heard from several people that their trick to staying slim is their eating an apple whenever hunger strikes.  An apple – a simple apple.  I have been eating at least one a day – sometimes more – and I love filling up on fruit before I full up on Wheat Thins (my all time favorite snack right now).  Ok, that’s all I’ve got to say about apples…

I Am Waking Up Early

This is something I always try to do – and something I fail at royally!  I am a really bad sleeper (like, I have been diagnosed, I am that bad) and when I wake up I am exhausted.  But, I started something new this week that is super exciting for me!  Yes, it is another app, but I am pretty excited about it.  I am using the Sleep Cycle App that wakes you up when you are in your lightest sleep phase.  These few days I have been amazed at how happy I am when this thing wakes me up.  You put it under your fitted sheet face down, and it calculates your sleeping patterns.  I love the graphs, and overall, it is worth the $.99.  I am super pumped about this one!


I Am Reading Through the Bible In a Year

For Christmas, my Father-In-Law gave the each child (and child-in-law 🙂 ) a One Year Chronological Bible.  This Bible orders the events chronologically, and divides the entire Bible up into 365 days.  I love a plan, and the fact that my husband and I am doing this together is so special.  Because the whole family is doing it, there is a lot of accountability – exactly what I need!Screen Shot 2014-01-17 at 10.24.05 AM

I Am Planning a New Blog Project – That You Will Love!

I wanted to create a project that begins a new leaf for my blogging.  I wanted something is larger than this blog – is simple, feasible, exciting, and new – and includes every reader, not just bloggers!  Let me tell you, it’s hard finding a “new idea” in the blog world.  So, stay tuned next week when I showcase what is going on!