I can’t wait for you to meet my new friend, Michelle!  She made these AWESOME DIY Favor Bags – which look even easy enough for me to make!  Did I mentions she has an Etsy shop that is full of beautiful and gorgeous things?  Enjoy all the beauty, y’all!

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Hi friends!

I’m Michelle of Hey Love Designs and I’m so thrilled to share this super duper easy DIY project with you. Tis the season for lots of gifts right? I like making fun goody bags for whatever holiday comes up – Valentine’s Day, Halloween, and of course, Christmas!

I wanted to show how easy it is to make a pretty package and it doesn’t require any special expertise. I hosted Girls’ Night In recently so I decided to this was a great time to make little goody bags for my girlfriends. I happened to have a ton of flat kraft envelopes laying around but you can surely do this with regular lunch bags too.

All you need are flat kraft paper envelopes, bakers’ twine, tags, and assorted treats. To help dress up the envelopes, I took a gold Sharpie pen and went kind of nuts.

I think they brought a subtle bit of fun, don’t you think?

To fill the bags, I bought this holiday nail polish set from e.l.f. It came out to about $1 per polish – not bad! I also added in some holiday candy.

To fill out the bags a little, I added crinkle paper. This isn’t necessary but it adds a fun flair. You can also add some confetti or tissue paper.

Next, I folded down the flaps and taped them down with washi tape. I wrapped the bags a few times with bakers’ twine and added a tag. I have a tag shaped punch but you can also cut any shape with scissors. Lastly, I adorned each tag with gold washi tape and used my gold marker again to write “happy holidays!”

I actually switched to red bakers’ twine after I found some at Paper Source. Works so much better for the holidays, right?

So there you have it, a super duper easy tutorial to make DIY favor bags. You can easily alternate any supplies – yarn or ribbon instead of bakers’ twine, any color Sharpie, recycle old cards or scrapbooking paper for tags – you name it!

I love pretty packaging and DIY-ing everything, so if you’d like to see more tutorials, check me out on my website! http://www.heylovedesigns.com. I also live on Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Thanks Ginny for letting me guest post and share a fun and easy DIY for the holidays.