Over a year ago, I was inspired by this little piece on Pinterest:

DIY Coastal Framed Map Wall Art


The idea was to frame the maps of where you met, married, and honeymooned.  How easy and cute – yet classy!  For my husband’s birthday, I made two map prints – for where we met/married, and where we honeymooned.  They hang in our bedroom and we love them!

I like the simpler version above, but I got kind of carried away with scrapbooking paper!  I bought my frames from Hobby Lobby – they were on sale because there were ugly cats tacked on the outside.  I bought them, removed the cats, and voila! (Here is a super cheap option on Amazon: Picture Frame ).

I used an old atlas (think yard sale!) and found my two cities. I used a template I found on the web like this one, and traced the heard – and cut them out!

I covered an old manila folder with pretty Scrapbooking paper (one of my ABSOLUTE favorite finds from Hobby Lobby – like this one) and cut another color for mounting the heart.  I topped it all with black photo corners.   Voila!  I love them – and might do them again for another room.  This time, I might limit my use of crazy paper!