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31 days of not keeping up with the joneses BUTTON

I was driving yesterday in a pretty poor area of town thinking about how all I want is to be able to move. This is something my husband and I wish for a lot – but right now the circumstances aren’t right. But, yesterday I was really struggling with this sense of unrealized hope. I hope and want for so many things – none of which can happen right now.

And then I realized that maybe my hopes and aspirations are stronger and more real because of my circumstances. Maybe it’s the hard things, and the trying things, that make me hope more and want more. I should be thankful for the tests because through them I hope and dream bigger.

For me, Sundays are a day of worship and it’s days like this that I cling to the hope within me. As a person, I am not able to move past my circumstances, but as a Christian, I know that I am made for more than these circumstances. This is not my home. It is right that I don’t feel “at home” here.

I want to leave you today with this hope – that allows me to move past my circumstances. If you ever feel stuck or limited or in pain because of this world – just know that you are not made for this world! This is not where you belong :).

I'm Not Home Yet