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Well, I am not going to do a whole post about my shower favorites. That would be boring and weird. But, I will let you in on my favorite shower secret – Dry Body Brushing.

I started using the Earth Therapeutics Body Brush about two years ago when I had trouble with an iron deficiency which caused insanely itchy legs. This was one of my solutions to deal with the itchiness – but it turns out it is the most incredible skin-exfoliating, body-invigorating thing. Ever.

Dry brushing stimulates the circulatory system and lymphatic systems. It also apparently helps the body detox. And, to top it all off, dry brushing is the best known natural solution to cellulite. I don’t know about all those claims, but it does give a full exfoliation (which is great during self-tanning season) and definitely stimulates my circulation. And, it just feels awesome.


I do it most mornings in the shower, right before I turn on the water. I stand in the tub because I don’t want all that dry skin on my floor :). I start with my arms and legs – always brushing towards my heart. This helps circulation! I also use this on my back (great for back acne!), bum (cellulite!), and stomach in a circular motion. The key is to always brush towards your heart.

The Earth Therapeutics Body Brush is super cheap on Amazon – and one of my favorite shower secrets!

One of my favorite YouTubers, A Model Recommends, has this great video to explain how to do it!