(Not a great picture.  I was still crying for the record.)

So I was asked to make a decorated cake for my cousin’s rehearsal dinner.  That’s right.  Me.  A Decorated Cake.  For a rehearsal dinner.

I am not a complete cake novice (I actually took a cake decorating class back in the day with my friends Ashleigh  – now the amazing Mississippi Photographer of Ashleigh Coleman Photography) but all the Wilton equipment could not really prepare me for what I was about to go though.

My cousin is the world’s biggest Arsenal fan, so the plan was to make a sheet cake with the Arsenal Crest.  Easy, right?  Um, well…

So, I wanted to avoid the “homemade cake” look, and also avoid experimenting with fondant.  (I have never used fondant, and didn’t want to try for a rehearsal dinner.)  So I found the most awesome exciting cake decorating technique for easy cake decorating through Pinterest.  

Moey’s Heart and Hearth has the most awesome tutorial here called Super Fancy Cake Decorating Tutorial for Broke Monkeys that is super genius.  The idea is to pipe icing onto a wax-paper covered piece of glass and freeze it.  The allows the icing to harden, before you flip it onto the cake.6052347300_8ca7696f7bTutorial and Photo Credit

These are some things I experienced:

  • Finding the Arsenal Crest in REVERSE for behind the glass
  • Making over 10 cups of Buttercream Icing (best recipe here)
  • Spending an hour with my husband trying to make icing RED.  BTW, it takes 1 jar of Wilton Gel Colors and 1 bottle of food coloring)
  • Piping the icing onto a large piece of glass (this was actually fun)
  • Freezing it
  • Icing the cake (easy with the Wilton 12″ spatula – which is NECESSARY)
  • Dreading flipping the decoration
  • Two failed attempts flipping the decoration
  • Smearing colors on the cake
  • Hating that I took the job
  • One successful flip and some last minute icing “repairs”

The icing decoration upside down, before freezing

Once we were done (my husband was so helpful!), I hated it.  It was pretty “homemade” looking” and NOT what I expected.  But, I had to take it.  And, I had to show it to the bride and groom.  AH!

I cried and hated every minute of that 20-minute drive.  I swore to never again make a cake for a rehearsal dinner!

I was able to slip it into the venue without seeing people – but then the moment of truth came.

They saw it.


I was still crying.  But I pulled myself together for a photo.

Everyone said it was amazing.

I am still skeptical.

But I did it!
I am only sharing this because this tutorial is possible.  But it is HARD!  Not for the faint of heart.  You maybe you can learn from my mistakes.

There you have it!  I hope you can lend some incite into YOUR cake-decorating experiments.  Anything to make me feel better?

BTW, you don’t need to pin this.  Or share it.  I am not super proud of this moment :).


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