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Today’s post is brought to you by an OCD organization-addict who doesn’t have an attic.

That is right, our rental house doesn’t have an attic.

And together, my husband and I have BOXES of Christmas decorations.  BOXES.  People, we fill up a whole closet with our decorations.  We need easy Christmas organization!

So, in the past few years we have created a fabulous system that is practical, long-lasting, and very quality.  It costs a little bit of money, but it is worth it.  I am going to cover four areas of Christmas decoration organization – and show you what works for us!


About two years ago, we happened upon a sale at Bed, Bath & Beyond – for Christmas Ornament Organizers.  Genius, people.  These things are a little pricey – but worth their weight in gold.  They are sturdy (not like the soft-sided versions I have seen), efficient, and hold TONS of ornaments.  We have two – and they hold upwords of a hundred ornaments or so.  (We have a LOT of ornaments!).  They don’t sell them at Bed, Bath & Beyond anymore (that I know of), but they are a reasonable price on Amazon.  They make a great Christmas presents!

christmas ornament organization


My husband and I have a weakness for Really Useful Boxes.  Yes, they are really called that.  We discovered them a few years ago, and since then, have bought about one a month for our storage.  This will be another whole post – seriously – we have a wall of these boxes – but for now, I want to show you how they work for Christmas decorations!

We have a lot of 32 and 64 liter boxes.  Both are great sizes.  The 32 are best for files.  The 64 is actually cheaper than the 32 – and holds a LOT of decorations.  We have two of these for our stuff – and they are perfect.

Really Useful Boxes are AMAZING boxes.  They are incredible quality.  They have locked handles.  They stack.  They are tough.  They really are the best.  **UPDATE here is my latest post on these boxes – plus tons of pictures of how we use them in our house!**

Really Useful Boxes 64


I like to have a system.  I like to have all my supplies in one place.  I found this wrapping paper box at Target one year – and it has been great!  It holds plenty of supplies all in one place!  I just slide it under my dresser (or my bed) and use it year-round.  I have thought about changing my system to something cooler and more unique – but for now – this does the trick!

**AWESOME TIP:  Check the after-Christmas sales at Target to pick one of these up for cheap!** 


Well, this really isn’t a storage solution – it is a display and organization solution!  I like to have all my Christmas cards displayed for the holidays – but don’t really want them propped up on every surface :).  I love to see and pray for each face on a daily basis.  Every year, I turn my kitchen window display into a Christmas card collage!

Remember my post about my kitchen window display?  Click the photo below for details about the hardware I use. 

 I would love to know your solutions for Christmas Storage and Organization!  Leave comments below!

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