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Are you a Fox or a Hedgehog?

When I studied abroad in Oxford, I was surrounded by brainy people all the time.  It was probably my favorite thing about studying abroad – the late night “let’s talk about Protestantism vs. Catholicism at 2am” discussions.  I remember being amazed at what our “normal” conversation was. I went to Oxford with one of my best […]

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Now is the Time to Feel Empowered

Has anyone else noticed the flood of “empowered women” media things lately?  I mean a FLOOD.  For the first time ever I kept watching a Youtube commercial PAST the “You make skip now” mark because Always Women Products was making me cry.   Can’t see this? Watch here.Then, because I am pretty much in love […]

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A Few Remembrances for Memorial Day

I am the most proud on Memorial Day. I come from a military family and it is so easy for me to love and respect our incredible country and military. But sometimes I forget why.  I forget the incredible privilege it is to be an American. I was talking to some internationals last week, and […]

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Thoughts for a Time of Grieving

These past months I have been struck by the number of deaths that have taken place among people I know. For me, I feel like it is an abnormal number.  I know that there aren’t more deaths than usual, but I have just been more affected than seasons of past.  I feel like I, or […]

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