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When I looked in my cupboard and saw 5 cans of black beans, I realized I had to share the ingredients I buy every time I go to the grocery store. They save me when I have no meal plan.  Don’t like to meal plan?  Get my “No Plan” Menu Plan here!

Here is a simple list of my “always have” ingredients. Please leave a comment with the ingredients you always buy when you go the grocery store!

See my complete list of recipes here – and see all these ingredients in action in my “No Plan” Menu Plan.

BLACK BEANS AND CORN // These are my go-to meal. I can make any form of a Mexican meal with them – and use them to any meal meatless. See my 5-minute Mexican dinner here and almost every week of the “No Plan” Menu Plan uses black beans! Download those plans for some awesome recipes using black beans and corn!

TORTILLAS // See above. With tortillas and black beans you can make anything! See my favorite Mexican pizza here.

ZATARAIN’S JAMBALAYA MIX // I am not one to use mixes a lot, but this little box will save me during the week! Add a cup of shredded chicken, and dinner is served!

GREEN PEPPERS // From my favorite Stuffed Peppers to Fajitas to Stir-Fry, these veggies are super versatile!

SHREDDED CHEESE // I make so much Mexican, Italian, paninis, and homemade pizzas, I would really struggle without at least a bag or two of this in the fridge every week.

A BAG OF FROZEN CHICKEN BREASTS // I always try to have one of these in the freezer. I can make my whole week’s worth of meals often just from one of these bags. See how I make shredded chicken for a week here.

PASTA AND TOMATO SAUCE // I always have a box of pasta and a jar of sauce available. Usually they are on sale, and these two ingredients make pretty much any Italian meal out there.

Comment with the ingredients you always buy when you go the grocery store!

photo credit: FotoRita [Allstar maniac] via photopin cc