I have a funny New Year’s tradition. I don’t do this on purpose, but every year I find myself placing a really FUN order on Amazon around the middle of January. I find myself holding off on little purchases throughout the year, and then something happens in January that causes me to blow one big order.

Maybe it’s Christmas money talking, or maybe it’s a need for change in the New Year, but every January I splurge on a big order of home and beauty products from Amazon to spice up my New Years. I don’t plan on it – and this was year was the first time I realized that it’s really a “thing” in my life :). But it is.

So, I’ve decided to share with you my 16 favorite home and beauty products that have helped my beauty routine, my home organization – and my need for improvement and change in the New Years! Enjoy!

1. This year, a big change I want to make is to use a new face washcloth every time I wash my face. I hear that it is great for your skin and hygiene! I got these dozen white washcloths this month and they are all rolled up and pretty to use in my bathroom! Read more here.

2. Another splurge this year was a pair of Tweezerman tweezers. I am kind of an eye-brow tweezing snob, so I’ve been wanting these for years :). Read how to shape your own eyebrows here!

3. I can’t go any further before I remind you about these Mouth Watchers toothbrushes that have changed my life. Don’t believe me? Read more here!

4. Four years ago I bought my facial razors during my New Year’s spree. Yes, I shave my face. And, yes it’s the best ever. Read (and watch) how here.

5. Last year I was in a “improve my soul” kind of mood and bought a new planner and these gorgeous Stabilo pens. These pens still sit on my desk and I use them every day! (I don’t use my planner any more – here’s why!)

6-7. Last year I also bought Jesus Calling and got the Wife After God devotionals. Both are wonderful and I recommend both!

8. Three years ago I bought a tub full of Coconut Oil. We all know that that’s amazing – and it was one of my first times integrating it into my life!

9-10. I usually buy either a new OPI nail polish (my favorite of all times is Coney Island Cotton Candy!) or another bottle of Seche Vite top coat. This is the best top coat ever and is only $4 on Amazon.

11. In 2012, I bought my body brush and still use it to this day! I love this thing. Read how I use it here.

12. In 2013, I wanted a few tools to eat better lunches at work. I bought this Lock and Lock (my favorite kitchen brand!) lunch box and love it. I love the containers that fit inside – and it’s clean professional look. This is one of my favorite things. See my post about it here.

13. In 2011 I bought my favorite $3.99 boar’s brush hair brush. I still use it to this day – and love how it works so much. See my post about it here!

14. In 2011 I also bought TRESemme Thermal Heat Protective spray. I bought it because my friend’s hair was smelling awefully good one day. And then I bought the products she used :). Yes, I am a gut buyer – not always good! But, I love this stuff and the bottle is still with me. And my hair isn’t too damaged. So I guess it’s working!

15-16. In 2010, I was on a “eat well” kick. I bought protein powder (not a good kind, I might add), this blender bottle and Bob’s Red Mill Scottish Oatmeal. I was MAJORLY influenced by this video (no shame, here!):

Anyway, so maybe I should have re-named this post “How I am Super Easily Swayed to Buy a Lot of Things”? Anyway, these are still some of my favorite things – and maybe your New Year’s will get a boost just like mine does!

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