I have mentioned before that my wildcard for dinner ideas is always meat. I am always worried about how much I have on hand – or how far can it stretch.

I shop on a small budget, and some nights I don’t have any meat available, but need a hearty man-approved meal. What do I do? I reach for always-available supply of deli meat and go to town! Here are my top five ways to cook using just deli meat!

Dinner Ideas with Lunchmeat: The Panini

My Easy Panini is a lifesaver. And somehow, we never get tired of it! Perfect for when you have no meat – and no time!

Dinner Ideas with Lunchmeat: The Stuffed Pepper

If you want to be a little more on the healthy side – stuff a big pepper and throw in your deli meat! My formula for a stuffed pepper works with any kind of deli meat – or as a vegetarian meal if you need to cut meat altogether!  (See the video here!)


Dinner Ideas with Lunchmeat: The Pasta Salad

I haven’t yet posted my Pasta Salad Formula (yes it is a formula!) but it goes something like this:

  • Boil pasta
  • Add vegetables, any meat (deli meat!), salad dressing and cheese
  • Refrigerate!

Yes, it’s that easy.

Dinner Ideas with Lunchmeat: The Mexican Pizza

My Mexican Pizza Favorite is good with no meat – with taco chicken or beef – or with a handful of chopped chicken deli meat. (I don’t know if I would try it with Roast Beef…!)

Dinner Ideas with Lunchmeat: The Omelet

Again, this is not yet on my blog – but it is another easy formula! Check out this fabulous recipe that uses ham deli meat for a fabulous omelet!

Want to know my favorite deli meat?
If I can’t get deli meat at the meat counter (Hello Boar’s Head!) I opt for Hormel Natural Choice or Applegate. Love both!

Other Favorite Kitchen Shortcuts:


Five Dinner Ideas With Deli Meat - for those nights when cooking just isn't going to happen!

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