faive favorite youtube channels

I admit it. I collect Youtube Channels. That’s not saying I have time to watch them all (right now my Hulu and Netflix Queues are skyhigh – ain’t nobody got time for that!). But still, I love to keep up with the Youtube world.

I will admit that I rarely follow makeup/beauty Youtube channels. I really admire women that can have new vlog material that often – but because I don’t buy a ton of high-end beauty products, they rarely interest me. (I will say though, if I am looking for good reviews of a certain product, Youtube is a fabulous place to search!).

But, I love learning new things.  And I have found a few channels that constantly teach me.  You know they say you should learning something new every day?  Why don’t you start here!  Here are my five favorite Youtube Channels.


cgp grey

1.  CGP Grey

CGP Grey  is like fast-paced education on steroids.  His 10-minute or less videos pack SO much fast incredible information in, that I almost miss being in school.  Just listen to his voice.  You will be hooked.  His explanation of the Difference Between the United Kingdom, Great Britain and England?  BRILLIANT.  I also LOVE the Secret City of London, Holland vs. the NetherlandsVatican City Explained, and The Trouble with the Electoral College.

My husband and I have been known to watch hours of these on end – and even bring them up in public.  They are that good!


Derek Halpern

2.  Derek Halpern

This is mainly for all you bloggers/owners of small businesses out there.  I love the site Social Triggers (Online Marketing Strategy), and Derek’s Youtube channel is no different.  I have watched TONS of “how-to” videos for marketing, but every time I watch Derek’s I learn something.  EVERY TIME.  His newsletter e-book changed the way I view my blogging – and his strategies blow me away.

My favorite videos?  Why You Need to Build an Email List NowHow to Tell People What You Do (and prove you are good at it) / The Followup Framework


HUff Post Live

3.  Huff Post Live

I love a good interview.  Especially if the interviewer is good.  I have found that Huff Post Live gives my absolute favorite celebrity interviews.  They are on point, smart, thorough, and incredibly comfortable to watch.  And, they have the best interviewers around.  I always impressed with their questions and demeanor.

My favorite interviews:  Maria Menounos, Zendaya, Tara Lipinski


MM&L Show

4.  The MM&L Show

I said I don’t like beauty channels, but I really do love the MM&L Show.  All of it.  Every stinking little laugh.  I love their hilariousness, their lightheartedness, and their smarts.  I have some of their videos bookmarked because I refer back to them ALL the time!

My favorites:  Shaving Your Face, Random Items Every Woman Should Own, Drugstore Makeup, Spray Tanning Tricks



5.  Hip2Save

This one is for all you moms/couponers/money-savers out there!  If you are only going to learn from one couponing mom, Hip2Save is IT!  This girl is awesome.  She’s hilarious.  She’s smart.  She has taught me so much about couponing, saving money, shopping online, and deal-hunting.  I think she is hilarious and love every one of her videos.

I love:  How to Use Coupons, The Coffee with Collin Series, Bloopers, Fashion and How to Dress Cute for Cheap


So, there you have it!  Hopefully you will also enjoy these amazing people – and learn something new today!  Leave a comment with your favorite Youtube channels.  (If you have a Youtube channel – make sure you leave a link!)

Disclaimer: This page may affiliate links. I may earn a small commission to fund my coffee drinking habit if you use these links to make a purchase. You will not be charged extra, and you’ll keep me supplied in caffeine. It’s a win for everyone, really.