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This week has been full.  No joke.  I feel like everything is still in survival mode!  Here are my top things right now!

1.  I am loving this interview Vogue did with Sarah Jessica Parker.  Seriously.  There is no way I could answer such rapid fire questions.  I can’t believe she is so quick and sharp.  And, let’s just talk about the fact that she has a ping pong table in her living room!

2. Shay with Mix and Match Mama had some of the very best marriage advice in her recent blog post.

My best piece of marriage advice? Get over it. Andrew and I do a million things wrong…but the one thing we do right is get over stuff. Here is our philosophy…we aren’t getting divorced. So why should we stay mad? Hold a grudge? Give the cold shoulder? And heck no are we not sleeping in our bed together (we’re both too selfish about a good night’s sleep to ever sleep on the couch!). We’re not getting divorced, so we might as well get over it. And so we do. We have really mastered the art of agreeing to disagree. I don’t want to “win” any battle over my husband. We shouldn’t be competing against each other…we should we conquering this crazy world as a team.

3. I just inherited the most beautiful cognac train case from my husband’s great uncle. It is gorgeous! So, obviously, I made a Pinterest board with ways that I can use it. Am so excited!

4. Have you seen my new #GinnyTipOfTheDay posts on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter? I am super excited about this new thing I am doing! Click below to follow!

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5. I am currently spending every extra waking moment watching Brothers and Sisters. I just found this show on Netflix – and am addicted. Anyone else in love with this amazing, dysfunctional family? I know it’s sad. But, I can’t help loving them!

Anyway, that’s all for this week. It was pretty slow. Please comment with your Five for Friday posts so I can enjoy your weeks too!

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