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The Americans

My husband and I started watching The Americans lately. Y’all, I really love this show! It’s about a KGB couple living in American during the Cold War in the 80s. So good. I would totally recommend it. And, it has Matthew Rhys in it. Bonus.




Skin79 BB Cream

I have a love/hate relationship with foundation. I am always trying new products thinking they will be “the one” – and then they never are. Except this beauty. I just re-ordered this Skin79 BB Cream for the 4th time – which is a record for me. I buy it on Amazon, but it comes directly from Korea – which I think is totally cool. I have pretty strong feelings about how Korean BB Cream is better than American – so I plan on writing a whole post on it soon. I have several tricks for buying and using it – and love it because it is light, full-coverage, matte and gives my face an airbrushed look. I am constantly amazed by it. Leave a message if you have questions for me to answer about it in my post!

skin79 bb cream

Working Out

I am back at the gym, y’all. I have a gym in the bottom of my office building, and I have been going consistently for almost a year now. But, this past week I was on it! I am down one pound this week – and already feel my body bouncing back from Easter. Yes, and it doesn’t help I have been eating a ginormous Boston Cream Pie this week. This is what I’ve been doing at the gym:

  • 2 pullups and hold for 15 seconds each
  • Elliptical for 25 minutes (about 370 calories burned)
  • Free weights for my arms (6-7 reps each of 15 pound weights)
  • A ton of lunges up and down the room.  I hate these – but they go fast when you try to get it done before people come in and stare at you :).

me working out

Turkish Amazingness

Well, I tutor a lot – in case you didn’t know. In a past life I was a Latin/English/History teacher, and I still tutor regularly. Currently I am tutoring a high-school Latin student and two TOEFL students (Test of English as Foreign Language). My two TOEFL students are Ukrainian and Turkish, and let me tell you. These two ladies are the most wonderful things to happen to me this semester! I spend so much time with them – and learn so much. I love hearing their view of the world, culture, family, work, religion…we often just hang out because now we are friends. My Turkish friend in constantly serving me Turkish food and introducing me to new things. (Today we are actually going to a Turkish market – so excited!) Anyway, this was my treat this week – delish!
turkish food

Red Balloons for Ryan

Have you seen this story? A young sweet boy Ryan (age 3) was killed tragically last week running to catch a Frisbee – and was hit by a car. The social media world has risen up and completely surrounded this family (his mother is a blogger from Baby Boy Bakery). A account has already raised $54K for the family for expenses – and innumerable businesses are chipping in and donating. Just search for #redballoonsforryan to see how you can help this sweet family. More than anything though, just pray. This family needs your love and support. And – go hold your babies a little tighter tonight.

red balloons for ryan

Love you all – have a blessed weekend!