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Remember me? Yes, I actually own this blog! Apparently though, I sometimes go completely AWOL. No worries, we are all friends :). I have actually been on A Modern Commonplace Book a lot working – I just haven’t written any new posts. Things are about to change, though. I have been working really hard to prime my blog for Social Media, and in doing so, have gotten SO EXCITED about this blog again.

That’s how I’ve been viewing my blog in the past few months. I’ve been behind the scenes, loving this site and giving it some care and attention. So often I just write and post – write and post – write and post. And guess what? Those posts get lost. And forgotten. So, here are five ways I’ve primed my blog for social media. And so far, I am LOVING the new plan!

An Editorial Calendar

I have started using Coschedule to plan Social Media posts. What is Coschedule? It is an editorial calendar to plan and schedule blog posts. But, not only can you plan and schedule posts, but you can post to social media. Your account can be connected to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr and Google Plus. I will write a post on this later – but the thing I love is that I can share old posts on social media. I just click “Share Old Post” and it allows me to rotate through my favorite posts. This way, I am allowing my posts to cycle in plain site – not stay hidden! Not sure if Coschedule is right for your blog? Try your first free month here.

(BTW, did you know I write a Mom Resources page? I share my favorite bluetooth headphones, crock pot - and even same-day delivery service. Check it out if you are into that kind of thing!)

Re-Vamping Old Posts

I have gone through my old posts and removed dead links, old graphics and bad shortcodes. This is so FREEING – and I know my posts are at their best! Also, I’ve been creating long pinn-able images to each post. So many of posts are lost, and don’t have a thing that could be pinned. This way – they have their own advertising system. Follow me on Pinterest to see my new Pin-able images!

Updating for Pinterest

I decided my hover pin-it button was no good. I know it was cute and all, but if you didn’t know about the hover phenomenon, then you wouldn’t know to even look for the pin-it button. Instead, I want readers to have the READY option to pin an image – and know how many pins an image already has! I don’t have time to manually add a legit pin button to each graphic, so instead I am using the Pinterest Image Pin Plugin. I know it’s not supported by the author anymore, but I love how it’s working. (See my other favorite plugins here!)

Planning my Pins

I started planning my pins. I have used Ahalogy for awhile, but have just started cracking down actually being intentional with pinning my content. I love Ahalogy because I can pin my content with their bookmarklet, and then Ahalogy staggers my pins based on high-traffic times on Pinterest. It’s great to see what can be done with my pins!

New Plugins

Lastly, I am loving the plugin Revive Old Post (Formerly Tweet Old Post). This free plugin tweets my old posts at 8 hour intervals. So my site might be tweeting – even when I am asleep! I love keeping my old traffic fresh.

Do you have any awesome tips to keep your blog primed for social media? Pass along all your ideas!

5 Ways to Prime your Blog for Social Media - A Modern Commonplace Book