One Pan, One Meal

This is a one-pan meal I make weekly – and is one of those basics I told you about.  I love how the recipe is so flexible and involves almost no prep time.  I throw this in the pan, bake it for an hour and voila!  Dinner is served!  This serves two people, but can […]

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Mexican Quinoa

This has been my lunch for the past 6 months, no joke.  When I find something I love I make it every day, ad infinitum!  It is so good, warm, flavorful, and healthy!  Quinoa is a superfood that, although it is very grain-like, is akin to the spinach family and is super high in protein. […]

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Kitchen Basics: Pizza Crust

basic pizza crust

When we were first married, I tried numerous pizza crust recipes to find the best: the easiest, yeastiest, crustiest, yummiest!  I finally found the best.  I can make it in under 30 minutes, 45 minutes including cooking the whole pizza.  It does include bread flour and yeast, but I always have those on hand.  I […]

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