F21 basics

Forever 21 is one of my favorite stores for cheap basic pieces.  I love their crazy stuff too – but nothing beats their inexpensive wardrobe basics.

Whenever I go to F21, I gobble up their $1.80 camisoles!  They are my absolute favorite camis, and buy at least 3 every time I go (for $1.80 – how can you go wrong?).

I have raved about their $8.80 cardigans before, and I also really love their sheer 3/4 sleeved blouse.  (As for the blouse, I don’t know if I would buy it in white – it might be too sheer?) Both of these have held up really well, and fit so naturally.  A good F21 tip is to pull on the seams of the piece of clothing you are looking at.  If the seam is double-sewn, than it will hold up well.  The cheaper pieces will show daylight between the seams.

My all-time favorite things to buy at F21 are jewelry and accessories.  Their jewelry starts at under $1, and is always on trend.  Their hair ties are awesome – and last longer than the Goody ones I used to buy.  Not kidding!  I loved the eye-shadow palette I bought their last year – even though I am not an eye-shadow snob, so can’t really compare it to the higher-end brands.  Their sheer scarves and tights are a STEAL – and really make any wardrobe fun!

Please comment and share your favorite Forever 21 wardrobe basics.  I especially want to know if you love their jeans or pants…I’ve heard good things about them!

1. Geo Girl Woven Scarf ($8.80)     2. Classic Hair Elastics ($1)

3. Natural Eye Shadow Palette ($6.80)     4. Disco Tassel Necklace ($8.80)

5. Sheer Pocket Blouse ($17.70)     6. Fishnet Tights ($2.80)

7. Spaghetti Strap Cami ($1.80)     8. Classic Cardigan ($8.80)


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