When I studied abroad in Oxford, I was surrounded by brainy people all the time.  It was probably my favorite thing about studying abroad – the late night “let’s talk about Protestantism vs. Catholicism at 2am” discussions.  I remember being amazed at what our “normal” conversation was.

I went to Oxford with one of my best friends and roommates, Kit.  It was the best thing to have a compadre while there – and together we conquered that town!  One of our friends and fellow students made an interesting discovery about Kit and me: that we saw the world differently.

Fox and Hedgehog


I see very many things through a very wide lens.  Kit, on the other hand, goes a lot deeper and sees the world through a very narrow lens.  This is what Archilochus meant when said “The fox knows many things, but the hedgehog knows one big thing.”  From then on out, our friend just referred to me as the fox – and Kit as the hedgehog.

At the end of our stay in Oxford, our friend gave us little remembrances  – me a fox and Kit a hedgehog.  And, I still have that fox on my kitchen shelves.  Here’s your little thought for the day: are you a fox or a hedgehog?